The rice flowers bloom beautifully in the suburbs of Hanoi
hanguyen0409 13-03-2021, 17:53

When the fields appear greenish by young seedling color, it is also the beginning of the rice flower season. Pinned on the white misty sky, erased the dark red flower buds, springing up poetic, bringing the typical beauty of the Northern countryside

The rice flower is also known as the mesmerizing flower, the po-lang flower, and is grown in many suburbs of Hanoi. 

The springtime is humid and dewy is also the time when the rice flowers bloom. 

Around Hanoi, My Duc and Chuong My districts grow many rice crops. The terrain here is mountainous, with rivers and fields forming a perfect picture for the red color of rice flowers.

According to the old farmer’s experience, rice flowers are the signal to recognize the time of season and change the plant variety accordingly, passing on through the lyrics:”When will fireflies fly?When the rice flower falls, the sesame seeds are planted “

The five-petaled rice flowers are bright red, and the petals rotate like quickly, very beautiful. The flowers bloom like burning fire, as familiar as the river, the roof, the village gate.

The combination of the rice flowers and the rustic tiled roof also evokes many memories and nostalgic images for the people living away from the countryside.

The combination of spring colors in the village space in the rice flower season creates a peaceful beauty.

All winter, old rice stalks are thin, not a leaf. Standing still and drying in the fog and wind, it seemed like the life in the tree was exhausted. But when spring comes, the rain comes gently flying, or in the golden sun, honey pouring down, the rice seems to wake up, the vitality becomes intense as shown through the full bloom.

Babies play under a canopy of rice flowers in the afternoon sun.

A farmer goes to mow the grass for cows to cross lonely rice trees in a deserted field in An My commune (My Duc).

The rice tree blooms with bright red flowers and cones, creating a typical rural image of the Northern Delta.

Rice trees in Doan Nu village (My Duc) in the flower season attract young people to take pictures.

Beautiful rice tree in the premises of Thay Pagoda (Sai ​​Son).

These days, many photography lovers flock here to compose and take commemorative photos with rice flowers.

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