Get away from daily hustle with Pha Din flower pass
admin 3-07-2020, 00:09
Two young girls check-in at Pha Din pass (Photo: Thanh Nien) 

Home to a variety of flowers that bloom and exude alluring fragrant all year round, Pha Din pass, Dien Bien province, northern Vietnam, has always been on a must-visit place of nature lovers – a perfect stop to both admire the Mother Nature, breathe-in the fresh air, go for picnic and take photos.

Pha Din in Thai ethnic language means “Sky and Earth” (with Pha means the “Sky” and Din means the “Earth”).

The pass lies at the altitude of 1,000m above the sea, offering a quiet pleasant atmosphere.

To get to the top of the pass, one must walk through winding paths, which is colored with different kinds of flowers and trees on both sides. Upon reaching the pass, visitors will surely get overwhelmed with the flower carpets showing off their sheer beauty under the sky. On top of that, it’s also a rare opportunity to take in a “birds-eye view” of the Northeast mountains underneath. It’s a great escape from the daily hustle in big cities for sure.

The Pha Din pass was built in 2017 and has been welcoming a large influx of visitors since then (an average of around 600 visitors per week, and over 1,000 per week in peak time). Its flower carpet is the most stunning in spring and autumn when the flowers are in their full bloom.

(Photo: Thanh Nien) 
A violet flower carpet (Photo: Chung xe) 
A kid looks excited standing in the middle of the flower garden (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
(Photo: Thanh Nien) 
The road leading to the top of the pass is colored with flowers on both sides (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
A man enjoying tea time in the middle of the flower pass (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
A romantic scene to check-in (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
Get away from daily hustle with Pha Din flower pass
A girl with a bright smile (Photo: VNE) 
Taking photos with the flower garden is a favorite choice of many visitors  (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
(Photo: Thanh Nien) 

Pinwheel garden 

Along with gorgeous flowers garden, Pha Din pass also draws attention with the playful pinwheel garden. Thousands of small pinwheels bring a new vibe to the already beautiful pass. 

Standing in the middle of the many pinwheels that are swinging in the wind would make anyone's day. It's like a return ticket to the foregone childhood that we've always been longing for. 

The pinwheel garden at sunrise (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
Underneath the pass is a sea of clouds (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
Those thousands of pinwheels will make your day (Photo: Thanh Nien) 
Two huge pinwheels rise above the smaller ones (Photo: Thanh Nien)