Ngoc Bich valley – the new tourist ‘blockbuster’ of Quang Binh
sonnguyen 10-03-2021, 05:30

Quang Binh Ngoc Bich Valley is known as the new “tourist blockbuster” of Quang, bringing a wild and fresh beauty full of attraction.

Quang Binh – the beautiful destination of the Central region 

How wonderful it is when Vietnam is created favorably and endowed with many beautiful destinations, diverse cultural features spread across 3 regions of the country. Going from South to Central to North, visitors can stop in any land to enjoy the natural beauty, enjoy the beautiful beauty that our country owns. 
 Ngoc Bich Valley is a beautiful destination not to be missed when traveling to Quang Binh. Photo: Vo Dang

If the South has a unique cultural beauty, the North has a majestic beauty of mountains and hills, Central Vietnam will make a mark with its wildness, purity and purity. One of the most beautiful lands in the Central region is Quang Binh province – the hometown of General Vo Nguyen Giap.

 Beautiful Quang Binh is very famous for its cave system such as Son Doong, Thien Duong cave, Phong Nha cave, Nhat Le sea, Chay river – Dark cave, … In addition to the wonderful destinations mentioned above, “cave kingdom “A brand new destination has just appeared – a place covered with greenery of forests, lakes and streams.” 
 The peaceful beauty of the Ngoc Bich valley. Photo: Vo Dang

That is the Ngoc Bich Quang Binh valley – a small land located near Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Perhaps this valley is not too famous destination of Quang. But just looking at the photos taken here, you will want to carry your backpack and travel to Quang Binh immediately. 

It is known that this beautiful valley is located in the heart of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang heritage. From Dong Hoi city, you can choose to ride a motorbike or a car to Ngoc Bich valley. Since this destination is located on Ho Chi Minh Road, it is very convenient and easy to go. 

Ngoc Bich valley – the new tourist “blockbuster” of Quang Binh province 

It can be said that the Ngoc Bich valley is one of the picturesque destinations in Quang Binh , making young people “not sitting still” because it looks beautiful everywhere. The valley is next to Dark Cave. So if you do not know the way, you can ask the local people for guidance. 
 Quang Binh Ngoc Bich Valley is located next to the Chay – Hang To tourist area. Photo: Vo Dang

Quang Binh Ngoc Bich valley also has another name is Hava valley. The total area of ​​this place is about 16 hectares with a large, primitive and fresh space. This place is completely natural, in contrast to the modern cities and towns of Vietnam. 

With its location next to Dark Cave, Ngoc Bich Quang Binh valley is partly passed by the Chay River. The river is calm, the water color is clear and cool. At this point, just breathing the air is enough to find your peace of mind. 
 This beautiful valley is 16 hectares wide. Photo: Vo Dang

The valley is surrounded by tall, rocky mountains surrounding it. Here, visitors will feel lost in a wonderland in the fairytale world. The green color of the mountains and trees blends with the emerald green color of the Chay River, creating a romantic and clear picture. With the charming beauty of people, this valley is the destination that you must definitely stop in your journey to discover Quang Binh.

Along the riverbank are green grasslands under the warm morning sun. Somewhere are shady green trees, suitable for visitors to sit and contemplate, enjoy the beautiful beauty of Quang Binh Ngoc Bich valley. In particular, the small rocky outcrops by the water’s edge are where you can step down, touch your feet in the clear, cool water. 
 Green picture in Ngoc Bich Quang Binh valley. Photo: Vo Dang

If you want to capture virtual parrots, take some time to explore the shallow rocky area. This place has many undulating rocks, mixed with blue painting of blue water, promises to be a place to bring many virtual living photos to visitors. 

According to the experience of many young people going to Quang Binh , the ideal time to explore this destination is in the dry season. That is the time when you look down from above, you will see that this place has brilliant beauty but also gentle and soft. The river pestle is an important highlight, creating a very poetic beauty for the Ngoc Bich valley.

Note when visiting Ngoc Bich valley

Quang Binh Ngoc Bich Valley impresses with the captivating beauty, attracting many visitors to check-in. Although there are not many tourist services here, you can still eat and drink the specialties of Quang Binh province at Lava restaurant.
 You can refer to Hava restaurant if you want to eat here. Photo: Vo Dang

In addition, when planning to explore the Ngoc Bich valley, you can bring a tent to camp, prepare food and drink for the trip. Find a small peaceful corner to set up a tent, camp and see the beautiful picture that the Creator bestows for the “kingdom of the cave”. You will have many memorable experiences for your Quang Binh trip. 

Destinations near Ngoc Bich valley 

Before the Ngoc Bich Quang Binh valley appeared, the Phong Nha – Ke Bang heritage core area had other wonderful places. The most famous one is Song Chay – Hang Toi tourist area. This is an adventure ecotourism destination, promising to bring interesting activities to visitors.
 Chay River with a picturesque emerald green color. Photo: Vo Dang

Coming to Song Chay – Hang Toi, you will admire the beautiful rocky rapids along the river bank. The feeling of sailing on a romantic, calm river is a great thing that every traveler should try. The boats take you through majestic mountains and green fields to see the beautiful nature of Quang. 

When traveling by boat along the Chay river branch with a distance of about 5km, visitors will arrive at Toi cave. In addition, visitors who like to experience and exercise can participate in rope swing, river bath or kayaking. Among the above subjects, swinging is considered to be an activity suitable for those who love adventure. 
 The beauty captivates people’s hearts in Song Chay. Photo: Vo Dang

In addition to Song Chay – Hang Toi tourist area , this trip to Quang Binh can also explore Ozo park. This destination is in Tan Trach commune, Bo Trach district, more than 10 km from Ngoc Bich valley. 

Not only possessing beautiful scenery, but Ozo Park is also an ideal place for visitors to explore tree games, water games in turn. There are a total of nearly 20 different fun games, all kinds of interesting activities, to help you relax with your friends and relatives on this trip to Quang. 
 Quang Binh is beautiful and gentle in every corner. Photo: Vo Dang

In the central part of our country, there is not only Quang Nam, Da Nang, Nha Trang … but also a wild and poetic Quang Binh. Having the opportunity to travel in this land, remember to visit the Ngoc Bich valley and neighboring destinations to feel more authentic the natural and landscape values ​​that this place is fortunate to have. 

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