3 gifts from Ha Tinh to the top specialties
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The record-breaking HA TINH Association of Vietnam has just announced Phuc Trach grapefruit, checkered candy, and opaque fish salad in the Top 100 dishes and specialties.

Here are three popular gifts from Ha Tinh in the Top 100 dishes and Top 100 gifts in Vietnam (2020 – 2021).

Opaque fish salad

Opaque fish salad is a specialty of the coastal areas such as Loc Ha, Nghi Xuan, Thach Ha … The turbid fish lives near the beach, the body is larger than the thumb, 13-18 cm long, looks like freshwater goby. . Fishermen can process a lot of delicious dishes from cloudy fish, especially salad and grilled, because the meat is firm, white, has a sweet taste and is available almost every season.

Fish made in salad are beaten with scales, head removed, cut along the body to get the meat and then marinated with lemon juice for 15-30 minutes. Finished fish must be dried, dried. The fish brine will be kept to make the dipping sauce. Dipping sauce made from many different spices such as lemon juice, minced garlic, tomatoes, purple onions, peanuts, hot peppers … boiled into a sweet and sour mixture. When eating, use fish rolls with herbs, perilla leaves, lettuce, sliced ​​cucumbers …

3 gifts from Ha Tinh to the top specialties
Serve with opaque fish salad with herbs and kinds such as fig leaves, clover leaves, young mango leaves … along with green mango, star fruit, thin sliced ​​green banana. Photo: Tuy Phong

Phuc Trach Grapefruit

Phuc Trach grapefruit is a specialty of the people of the mountainous district of Huong Khe. Huong Trach Commune, Huong Khe District is the “capital” of Phuc Trach grapefruit with 360 hectares, each household owns from one pole to 2 hectares of land on average, planting 50 to 400 trees.

The grapefruit trees here on average about 4.5 m wide, 5 m high, giving about 50 fruits, with trees more than 100 fruits. The harvest season is from August to the end of September each year. Phuc Trach grapefruit has a sweet and sour taste, fragrant, crispy shrimp, and succulent. This type of fruit is very expensive, imported for consumption in many provinces and cities in the country.

Phuc Trach grapefruit is considered by the locals to be a precious specialty. Photo: Duc Hung

Cudo candy

Candy candy is originally peanut candy, filled with roasted peanuts with molasses. Once cooked, candies are poured into a thin layer on top of the rice crackers. Diners often enjoy candies with green tea, when eaten with a characteristic elasticity and stickiness.

Candies are cooked and sold in 13 districts, towns and cities in Ha Tinh province. Among them, the most famous one is the steaks made by households in Dai Nai ward, near Phu bridge. The Ha Tinh people have a saying: “Cu đơ to Cầu Phu will also buy it”.

The candy has a sweet taste of cane sugar, the fat taste of peanuts, mingles with the pungent taste of ginger and the pulp of the rice cake. Photo: Duc Hung

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The Vietnam Record Association said that the establishment of the top 100 specialties and gifts is part of the journey to seek and promote the culinary values ​​and specialties of Vietnam. The list is published on the web portal of Vietnam Record Organization (VietKings), Top Vietnam Center (VietTop), Global Vietnamese Record Organization (VietWorld). The specialties and gift specialties selected in the Top 100 will be certified for the Top 100 Vietnamese specialties (2020 – 2021) and Top 100 special gifts in Vietnam (2020 – 2021).