The ‘unique Western’ 3-story yacht house was built by the farmer 220.000$
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An old farmer in Western Vietnam “plays big”, spent 220.000$ to build a house like a 3-story yacht “unique in the West” to commemorate the days floating at sea.  

The panorama of the yacht house is seen from abovePHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Turn ideas into reality

This “unique Western” three-story yacht-shaped house belongs to Mr. Cao Van Nam (71 years old, lives in Binh Tinh hamlet, Hoa Tinh commune, H. Mang Thit, Vinh Long ). Thanh Nien reporter came to the house and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Nam, acting as a “guide” to introduce his house.

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Overview of the 3-storey yacht-shaped house of old farmer Cao Van NamPHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Regarding the idea of ​​designing a yacht-shaped house, Mr. Nam said that many years ago he lived and worked on a ship in the US. The time floating in the sea left many memories in him, so when he returned home he cherished to build this house.

Mr. Nam’s unique yacht home.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

“The idea of ​​this house dates back to when I came back to live in the country. I look for a reputable architect to make my ideas come true. After 2 years of construction, my dream house is completed. Although not completely completed, but it is very basic, ”Mr. Nam said.

The house is located on a lake nearly 400 m² wide.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

51 concrete pillars help the yacht house like lying on the water.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

The front part of the house is sharpened like a bow.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

The balcony and the aisle are designed like a real yacht.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

According to the owner, this yacht house has a length of 30 m, a width of 11 m, floating on the surface of the lake 390 m², raised by 51 concrete pillars. The house is about 15 m high with 3 floors. The whole house has 7 bedrooms (ground floor 3 rooms, first floor 4 rooms) and 2nd floor Mr. Nam intends to make “a treasure of sand”. The 7 bedrooms are numbered from 1 to 7 like on the yacht, each room has a separate fully equipped toilet.

Skylights provide light for the entire house.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

House built 2 years, cost 220.000$

The couple’s room is the largest, equal to 2 ordinary rooms. The remaining rooms are of equal size and fully equipped with amenities. In addition, the house also has a living room and a dormitory room. The front part of the house is designed like a bow. All door frames, doors, windows, stair railing and balcony railing are made of 304 stainless steel against rust.


The entire door frame, railing, is made of 304 stainless steel.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

The staircase is paved with marble. The house has 2 main stairs, one behind the house and one in the house. Mr. Nam said the back staircase is the emergency exit. On the terrace there is a 2-storey observatory about 3 m high, which Mr. Nam plans to attach a telescope to watch the stars at night.

The second floor of Mr. Nam plans to make “a treasure of sand”.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC
Mr. Nam’s observatory plans to install a stargazing telescope.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Each bedroom is numbered and has a fully equipped private bathroom.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

At the bottom of the lake, Mr. Nam released 3,000 fish, carp, Koi, guppies and planted lotus nia. “This house is basically the size of a real yacht. When I made my house, I told the architect how to design for me to use more than 100 years without rust, they told me to make 304 stainless steel, I agreed immediately, the toilet door was also made of 304 stainless steel. It took more than 2 years for the house to be completed at a total cost of 5 billion VND, ”Nam said.

In the lake under Mr. Nam’s house, he raised a variety of fish and planted lotus nia.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Clean water for people to come get comfortable

In the back garden of his house, Mr. Nam planted trees and raised breeding eels and meat eels for the market. When asked if people want to visit the house, do you agree? Mr. Nam chuckled and said, “My home welcome everyone” (roughly translated as my house welcomes everyone). To show his aromatic heart, Mr. Nam also made 2 taps to get clean drinking water right in front of his house for people wishing to come and take comfort.

Pure potable water and free water faucet in front of Mr. Nam’s house.PHOTO: XUAN PHUC

Mr. Nam said that he was also old, so he built this “unique Western” house so that his children and grandchildren could have a comfortable place to live. “I have 3 sons, 4 grandchildren, all living and working in America. I built this house so that when it came back there would be a place to rest, ”Mr. Nam said.

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