Green moss beach in Nha Trang attracts visitors
thamnguyen99 1-03-2021, 09:45

KHANH HOA – Green mossy shelf covering the seawall along Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang City makes many people excited to watch and take pictures.

These days, when the tide recedes, the green moss carpets show up covering the breakwater on Nha Trang sea, about 50 meters from Tran Phu bridge.

Every morning, at receding tides, the green moss carpet begins to show up. Many people choose to practice yoga here to relax their spirit and improve their health.

“In a year only at this time there are green moss so I take advantage of these moments with yoga exercises,” said a yoga girl.

The appropriate time to visit is 6am-9am, every day, at that time moss is at its most beautiful time. The rocky stakes are covered with green moss. Ocean waves crash, white foam creates a beautiful and unique scene.

Ms. Phan Thi Hai, 28 years old, said that she heard about the moss beach near Tran Phu bridge, but now she has the opportunity to stop by. She and three more family members came to visit, take commemorative photos.

For beautiful pictures, many people are not afraid to wade out where there are many rocks covered with moss. Sea waves crashed, shot on people, soaked.

Small rocks are covered with moss. At low tide, people unleash poses next to the moss in the sea to take pictures. It also attracts many photographers to compose.

Green moss cling to rocks near the shore. Local people often find moss to make bait for fish.

The season is mossy, this place is covered with a green color mixed into the mist. Around there are tall buildings, coconut trees along the beach look like a painting.

Many locals and tourists often come here to take pictures and have absolutely no fee. “Every time after Tet, I and my friends come here to visit, take pictures to save the anniversary of the new year”, Nguyen Thi Thuy An, 32 years old, said.

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