Fishermen have a good season ribbon-fish
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QUANG NAM – After 10 hours out to sea, many fishermen in Tam Thanh commune, Tam Ky city hit the hole of ribbon-fish, brought them ashore to sell and dried meat.

These days, hundreds of fishing boats of Tam Thanh commune fishermen come ashore with thick fishing nets.

“Every day, we go out to sea from 2am to 10am, land on the shore, use medium mesh, 7 m high, 300 m long and drop into the sea”, fisherman Nguyen Van Tin, village of Tinh Thuy, said. In the midday sunlight, Mr. Thinh and his son stood to remove hundreds of fish holes caught in a net weighing about 60 kg.

According to local people, the pitfish often go in groups offshore. At the beginning of the lunar year, they go to shore. “This year, the weather is favorable after Tet, so the sea is smooth, so the boats are hit by fish holes, some tens of kg less, many hundreds of kilograms,” said fisherman Nguyen Van Thinh.

The body hole is 60 to 90 cm long, flattened on one side, has no scales, pointed tip protruding in front, and large eyes. The fish’s mouth is wide and has many large and small teeth in both jaws. This fish is thin, low in meat but firm.

Mr. Nguyen Hien, village of Tinh Thuy, is sorting the fish just caught and brought home. Big, scratch-free fish were sold by him; Small fish left for intestinal pecking and drying. “The selling price of small fresh fish is 20,000 VND, and big fish is 60,000 VND”, Mr. Hien said.

Fisherman Nguyen Van Khu, 52 years old, used a bowel knife to cut a line on the fish’s body to dry. “In recent days, the catch is high, so the fresh fish is not consumed, the rest we go to dry,” Mr. Khu said.

Before drying, the fish is washed in fresh water. “When this stage is cleaned, the fish will be delicious and preserved for a long time”, Mr. Khu said.

Fish holes are squeezed across the rope and pole to dry.

After half drying, the fishes are dried by the tail to hang the fish head down, thereby helping the fish to dry quickly and straighten, convenient for packing.

The fish head is the thickest place, so people bring the ball to the sunlight, helping to dry quickly.

These days, pit fish are dried everywhere in Tam Thanh commune to take advantage of sunlight.

After 4 to 5 days of sun drying, the fish will be dry. Approximately 3 kg of fresh fish per 1 kg of dried fish. The selling price of dried fish ranges from 70 to 200,000 VND per kg. Dried fish is processed into grilled dishes and warehouses.

Tam Thanh is a coastal commune stretching along the sea, where there are nearly 200 small-capacity boats fishing near the shore.

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