4 Khmer temples attract visitors
sonnguyen 23-02-2021, 08:50

SOC TRANG – Possessing unique architecture, Doi Pagoda, Chen Style, Som Rong, and Day Om Pu are the 4 temples that attract visitors.

Located downstream of the Hau River, Soc Trang has cultural intersection between the ethnic groups of Hoa, Kinh, Khmer and Cham, bringing mysterious beauty to many tourists. One of the destinations that should not be missed is Chua Doi, or Seray numb chahatup, which in Khmer means benevolence .

The pagoda is located on Van Ngoc Chinh street, ward 3, Soc Trang city. Coming here, visitors not only admire the unique and ancient beauty, but also immerse themselves in nature and mysterious stories.

Around the temple is a forest mainly star and oil trees, in which thousands of bats live. Every afternoon, the bat pulled back to the temple courtyard, covering the sky. The monks here believe that the bats falling on the pagoda are a Buddhist blessing, so they need to be protected.

In the temple grounds there is a large pond, shady trees all year round. Photo: Thanh Tinh

The decorative motifs here are characteristic of Khmer architecture with many small towers on the roof of the pagoda, and the gable is carved with a winding Naga snake.

Chen Kieu Temple or Wath Sro Loun, was built from the leaves in 1815. By 1969, the pagoda was renovated with today’s architecture.

Due to the lack of materials during the construction process, the monks donated cups and plates from local people to cover the walls. This idea helps to save construction costs and create impressive decorative motifs.The pagoda is located in Dai Tam commune, My Xuyen district, about 12 km from the center of Soc Trang.

Som Rong Temple was built in 1785, with the full name of Botum Vongsa Som Rong pagoda. The pagoda is located at 367 Ton Duc Thang, Ward 5, Soc Trang City. This is one of the temples attracting a large number of tourists looking for pilgrimage and check-in.

In the temple precinct there is the majestic and kind nirvana Buddha statue with a length of 63m, a height of 22.5m and a height of about 28m above the ground.

The unique feature in the main tower of Som Rong pagoda is the paint color. Instead of the traditional yellow color, the tower is painted in gray, exuding both modernity and majesty. Inside the tower is a statue of Buddha sitting on a lotus. Som Rong temple hall has many colors and details of Theravada Buddhism.

Day Om Pu Pagoda is located in Phu Giao hamlet, Thanh Quoi commune, My Xuyen district, established in 1951 and inaugurated in 1957. At this point, visitors will feel like they are in the land of Thai golden pagoda. The pagoda has the typical yellow color of Khmer culture, becoming more prominent when surrounded by palm trees and green trees. The roof of the temple is adorned with the green color of the Kayno fairy costume.

A corner of the hallway in the temple with elaborate columns and walls.

Meditation Buddha statue with sophisticated decoration. If you come to the temple during the holidays, you will see many Buddhists and people coming on pilgrimage and pray for peace.

vnexpress/ Photo: Thanh Tinh, Quang Du Huy