The temple was built in Do Son cave
daitranvan 22-02-2021, 03:43

HAI PHONG – Hang pagoda with many traces related to the Buddhist introduction into our country in the years before BC, attracting visitors to worship at the beginning of the year.

Hang pagoda is named Coc Tu, located in zone 1, Van Son ward, Do Son district. Many researchers believe that this is the first place where Buddhism was imported into our country, before going to Luy Lau – Dau, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh. Currently, in front of the temple door, there is a large word board introducing this area.

The pagoda has its back hidden deep in the mountain and faces toward the Do Son sea. Outside there is a statue of Quan Am Buddha, to the right is the ancestral church, followed by the tower. On the mountain there is a phoenix dragon statue, the foot of the mountain is a statue of a turtle and a carp.

As the name suggests, the ancients built the pagoda from a mountain cave 3.5 m high and 7 m wide divided into 2 steps. The outer step is about 23 m2 wide, the inner step is about 0.5 m higher. Therefore, the cave is trapezoidal, going straight into the mountain about 25 m.

Talking about the landscape at the pagoda, many poems still remain: “Temple of the cave is a miracle scene / Is it a Buddha or a fairy building”.

Legend has it that the monk Ban, who came from Thien Truc to evangelize and practice at Hang pagoda since the 2nd century BC. He also built a pagoda on Mau Son mountain as a place to lecture, after passing away at Hang Pagoda and Chu Dong Tu was his first true disciple. His worshiping committee at the temple is located deep in a mountain cave.

Currently, the pagoda is built 3 floors with the Tam Bao building on the second floor, the top is the Tay Phuong electricity.

Above is a Buddha statue in the Three Jewels.

Traditionally, Buddhists who come to worship the pagoda will receive lucky money for the beginning of the year. This year, for the Covid-19 room, visitors are required to wear a mask and sanitize their hands before entering the temple.

Hoang Hanh (white shirt), from An Dong, Hai Phong, said that she and many port residents have traditionally come to Hang pagoda to pray for peace in the beginning of the year. “Although this year the epidemic is stressful, it is very lacking when not going to Hang Pagoda on Tet holiday because it is a habit every year. Everyone wears masks so I feel more secure coming here, ”she said.

Every year, the pagoda welcomes many tourists from neighboring provinces such as Hai Duong, Quang Ninh … This year, due to complicated epidemic diseases in the two above provinces, the number of visitors decreased. Mr. Duc Thanh (white shirt), a person in the management of the pagoda, said this year the number of visitors this year is only about one third of the year.

The pagoda has decorated a large red buffalo model in front of the door to commemorate the New Year’s Eve. In addition, there are also many small scenes such as Japanese gate, pigeon house, peach blossom … for tourists to take souvenir photos.