Monumental stone sculpture heritage at Huong Lang Pagoda
thamnguyen99 21-02-2021, 18:12

The stone formation system is still preserved at Huong Lang pagoda (Minh Hai commune, Van Lam, Hung Yen) and is currently a national treasure in the great sculpture field of the Ly dynasty.Play Video01:50Heritage of massive sculpture in the Ly Dynasty at Huong Lang Pagoda

The new national treasure at Huong Lang pagoda (Van Lam, Hung Yen) is a system consisting of 10 exquisitely carved stone crocodiles located on the up and down steps of the front street building. In which, there are 6 stone crocodile-shaped steps facing the front to separate into 5 ways.

The main direction of the pagoda overlooks the Lang River, so the rock crocodiles together look this way. Front road court arranged on high steps with rock crocodile-shaped steps.

Although these rock crocodiles are not intact, the remaining carvings have shown the great wisdom and abilities of the Ly stone sculptors. In the photo is an original engraved on a step wall.

Phoenix and weasel touches, delicate chrysanthemum chrysanthemums on the stone handrails on the steps.

Dragon with long wavy tails, legs bent in an approaching posture are displayed on the steps, the doors of the architecture create a lively atmosphere.

Huong Lang Pagoda still preserves many relics of the Ly dynasty, very unique and unique. In addition to the stone steps system on the entrance to Dai Bai building, stone lion statues, and still intact stone pedestals are typical features of the Ly artistry.

All the rock crocodiles unfortunately are headless, but the steps are still quite intact the sculpture below.

6 stone steps separating into 5 paths in front of the Ly style.

This is the temple that still retains many of the citadels of this Ly dynasty up to the present time.

Many people believe that many relics are still underground in the Huong Lang Pagoda area.

Besides, there are many meticulous and sophisticated carved lotus and chrysanthemum carved footstones. These are invaluable works of the Ly period still preserved.

A stone pillar is carved chrysanthemum placed in the garden of the temple.

The 4 square stone pillars supporting the stone beams of the project are also one of the remaining precious artifacts of Huong Lang Pagoda.

At the communal house, Chua is located next to Huong Lang pagoda, there are still some intact stone sculptures.

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