The view of Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda is pure of soul at the beginning of spring
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Pho Quang Temple Tan Binh Saigon is a favorite destination for many tourists in the early spring of the new year. So where is Pho Quang pagoda in Saigon and what is so attractive to tourists?   

Address Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda 

Where is Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda ? Pho Quang Pagoda is located at 64/3 Huynh Lan Khanh, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. This famous temple is located about 16km southeast of the city center. 

The view of Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda is pure of soul at the beginning of spring
Pho Quang Tan Binh Pagoda is a famous place in Saigon

Pho Quang pagoda was built in 1951 by the monk Nguyen Viet Tao who started the construction. At the beginning of construction, the pagoda had a very simple architecture and was repaired in 1961. Over the years of ups and downs, Pho Quang pagoda has deteriorated and was built to expand the campus by 6 thousand square meters. 2010. Currently, Pho Quang pagoda has become a place to visit, worship and celebrate the early spring of many tourists when having the opportunity to travel to Saigon . 

How to move to Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda 

To visit Pho Quang Saigon Pagoda , first of all you need to travel by plane, bus, train … to Ho Chi Minh City. After that, go by taxi, taxi or bus to reach Pho Quang pagoda. If you depart from the western or eastern bus station, you can take the bus by the following routes: 

– Route 7 (Cho Lon – Go Vap bus station)

– Route 59 (District 8 bus station – Station intersection 4)

– Route 148 (Western bus station – Go Vap)

Experience to go to Pho Quang pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City , you can also go by taxi or rent a motorbike with prices ranging from 120,000 VND – 200,000 VND to be active when moving.            

How to move to Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda 

The unique architecture of Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda    

Visiting Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda , visitors will admire the unique and modern architecture. Those are wooden pillars with large and massive diaphragm creating a solemn and ancient space. Architectural sculpture on the hammock and the body of the table is decorated with a flower. Along with that is the colorful light system, adding more majestic beauty and splendor to the temple. The architectural feature of Pho Quang pagoda is the inheritance and interference between the typical architecture of the northern pagoda.        

The unique architecture of Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda    

The roof of the temple is designed in the style of an upward swing and roof tiles with a phoenix dragon shape. The sculptural art of Pho Quang pagoda is imbued with Ly dynasty architecture, with many green soup and architecture of stone, bridges and bricks. That is what makes a difference for Pho Quang pagoda and becomes a pure spiritual place for many tourists.               

Admire the architecture of Pho Quang pagoda

Visiting Pho Quang pagoda Tan Binh Saigon

What is Pho Quang Tan Binh Pagoda ? Visiting Pho Quang pagoda, visitors will be impressed with the front of the pagoda which is the three-door with tiled bell floor and the 1.2-ton Dai Hong Chung statue. When going through the gate you will see a picture of two blocks of East and West houses. Next is the main hall is decorated with solemn architecture, the inside is worshiping the statue of Quan The Am Buddha and the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. In which, the most impressive is the statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva placed in the middle of the mountain population and is sculpted with a dragon head with unique architecture. 

Visiting Pho Quang pagoda Tan Binh Saigon

Visiting this temple in Saigon , visitors will feel the sacred and solemn atmosphere, with the smoke flying in the air. Along admire the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni 7m and about 5m in diameter is placed in the middle of the shrine. The statue is plated with gold and is extremely meticulously crafted.

View of Pho Quang pagoda in Saigon

All objects used to worship at Pho Quang Tan Binh Saigon are made from ceramics and decorated very meticulously, as a show of respect to the Buddha. The area around the wall is a giant picture depicting Buddha-related relics. Besides, there are many areas in the West floor, East floor, living room, traditional house and monk’s house. In particular, the area of ​​Pho Quang pagoda has a dragon mountain worshiping Quan The Am Bo Tat statue surrounded by tall and cool old trees.

The architecture inside Pho Quang pagoda in Saigon

Pho Quang Pagoda has become a place of worship that attracts many tourists with many major Buddhist activities such as: 

– Buddha’s Birthday ceremony is held on April 15 of lunar calendar

– The Ceremony of Upper Nguyen is on January 15th of lunar calendar

– Vu Lan ceremony on July 15th of lunar calendar

– Vía Dat Ma the ancestor on October 5 of lunar calendar

– Ha Nguyen ceremony is on October 15th of lunar calendar

In addition, on the 1st and the full moon day, Pho Quang pagoda also attracts many visitors to worship. 

Pho Quang Temple Tan Binh Saigon attracts visitors

Notes when visiting Pho Quang Tan Binh pagoda

Here are some notes you should keep in mind when visiting Pho Quang Saigon : 

– Time to visit the temple from 6am – 10pm a day, visitors can freely visit, recite Buddha’s name and worship. 

– Should keep order and avoid loud, noisy talking affecting the people around.

– Temples are sacred and solemn, so you should dress politely to avoid revealing. 

Pho Quang Tan Binh Pagoda is an ideal destination for a pure sight in early spring that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the city named Uncle Ho. Hopefully, the above useful information will help you have a memorable trip and many experiences at this sacred temple. 

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