A herd of more than 60 buffaloes appeared on Nguyen Hue flower street ready to greet the spring of Tan Suu
sonnguyen 9-02-2021, 11:14

Nguyen Hue Flower Street is gradually taking shape, ready to show off with dozens of colorful great scenes with more than 60 “buffalo herds” stretching across 700m of the pedestrian street.

The image of Nguyen Hue flower street is colorful from the high angle

Nguyen Hue Flower Street has gradually taken shape after nearly 2 weeks of construction, the final items of Nguyen Hue flower street 2021 are urgently completed before the opening day.

By the afternoon of February 6, the Nguyen Hue Tet Tan Suu 2021 flower street had completed many great scenes. On the biggest new spring project in Ho Chi Minh City, hundreds of workers are hurrying to complete the final decoration items.

This year, Nguyen Hue Tet Tan Suu flower street will be open to serve the needs of the spring and the enjoyment of the city people and visitors from 19:00 on February 9 to 21:00 on February 15, 2021 (from December 28. Lunar New Year until the 4th day of Tet).

Nguyen Hue Flower Street Tan Suu 2021 New Year is decorated with the theme: “Ho Chi Minh City: Civilization – Modernity – Meaningful Love”.

The content is divided into 2 chapters: “The path of converging identity” and “The road to the future”, with 13 different large and small scenes.

Nguyen Hue flower street 2021 spreading on a pedestrian street of more than 700m will give people and visitors the appearance of a vibrant, dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, in line with the spirit of “HCMC for the whole country, with the whole country.” water, for the happiness of the people “.

The New Year’s buffalo mascot image of Tan Suu appears throughout the entire decoration of Nguyen Hue flower street.

Landscape The season of buffalo wool – a cultural feature of the southern delta region.

This year, spring flower street brings together about 62 buffaloes, big and small, with different lively appearance.

Instead of creating the image of a buffalo personified as the mascots of previous years, some buffalo mascots this year are designed in a new language that is more of an artistic style.

An image of a buffalo in a rural landscape, characteristic of Vietnam’s wet rice civilization.

The image of shepherds sitting on buffalo and crossing the river – miniatures depicting a simple, vivid reproduction of the relationship between a farmer and the head of an “inheritance”.

The “Painting of the knife”, which has been hastily constructed by workers in the past 10 days, is also an attractive highlight on the spring flower street this year.

Located next to Nguyen Hue flower street, this year’s book street has more unique miniatures that is the Metro train carriage. The nearly life-sized building is part of the 2021 book street festival decoration.

The train is designed with a scale of 1/1, the decorative details inside and outside the train are identical to the metro trains in Ho Chi Minh City.

Pham Nguyen