The special kind of peach for the king: Lying in air conditioner to welcome Tet, waiting for the owner to “order” to flower
ChandraGarran04 30-01-2021, 14:36

To properly bloom during the Lunar New Year, the owner of the garden must equip two-way air conditioners to actively adjust the appropriate temperature in caring and nurturing plants.

In the early days of the 12th lunar month, many of the poor peach roots of Mr. Le Ham’s family (Nhat Tan peach garden, Tay Ho, Hanoi) are being cared for in a special regime to prepare for the Tet Nguyen Tan. Ox 2021

Before that, Mr. Ham moved more than 100 poor digging stumps into the “lying” air conditioner room in early October of the lunar calendar.

The special kind of peach for the king: Lying in air conditioner to welcome Tet, waiting for the owner to “order” to flower

The owner of this peach garden said that this is the method to make the tree bloom properly on the occasion of the Lunar New Year 2021, regardless of the weather. The temperature maintained in these special rooms will always be between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius

Mr. Ham revealed that at the beginning of December, most of the peaches in the garden were ordered by patrons. The oldest peach root is about 50 years old. The selling price of peaches ranges from 5-50 million VND, depending on customers’ preferences

Each year at this peach garden, a few hundred large and small peach trees are launched to the market. Poor peaches are regal flowers used to be king. The name is derived according to the legend, “loss” is 7 deprivation, each loss is equivalent to a knuckle. The peach leaves are 7 stub long, the tree grows to 7 stems, and will divide the branches once and each plot has 7 flowers

“Digging at a loss is a pretty chunky line that does not flower according to human wishes. Therefore, in order for the tree to flower on Tet occasion, it is necessary to take special care,” said Mr. Ham.

“During the time of digging out buds, preparing to bloom, players cannot leave plants at too hot or too cold temperatures. That’s why I have to separate plants from nature, using technology to flower plants. wish”.

Mr. Ham built 5 rows of corrugated iron houses, insulated inside, using lighting, cooling, and humidity balance. Every month, it costs tens of millions of electricity bills

“Since I put the tree to live in an air-conditioned house, I will almost close the door, not open until Tet. Only when customers rent trees, the garden house will open,” said Mr. Ham.

The peach stumps are lost for many years in the garden

Poor digging is an ancient, precious, and rare plant that is said to be an object to give to the king when Tet comes, so Spring comes back, so visitors who play this kind of peach are also extremely meticulous nowadays. “If you are ordinary people, very few people play this type of peaches. The people who come to my orchard are very careful people, they choose to dig very carefully about trees, flowers, buds, especially the right date and time of bloom. “, Mr. Ham added

“The most important thing for guests is the blooming day, as long as the customer sets how many days to bloom, I will make the tree bloom right on that day.

To do this, Mr. Ham revealed, with more than 30 years of experience in peach growing, he understood the characteristics of this type of peach. “Only understanding peaches, loving peaches makes them bloom according to their wishes”, Mr. Ham closed.