‘Suggestions’ of the most sacred tourist spots for the Tet holiday near Hanoi
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The cold winter weather gradually turns green spring color, waking up in the warm sun, signaling a new year filled with joy. Now, there is nothing more fun than starting things with a spring trip, looking for new experiences, opening creativity for life and work in the spaces of temples, shrines and temples. If you are planning to go to spring spirituality around the capital, do not miss the spiritual tourist destinations near Hanoi very HOT, which will be shared below!

1. Tran Quoc Pagoda – a spiritual tourist destination on Tet holiday near popular Hanoi 

The first name on the list of special tourist attractions for Tet near Hanoi is Tran Quoc Pagoda . This is the oldest temple in the capital, built in the 6th century by Emperor Ly Nam De. During its existence, the temple has undergone many restoration works. Especially the change of name from An Quoc to Tran Quoc with the meaning of protecting the country.

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Currently, the pagoda is located on a small island in West Lake. In the past, the pagoda was located on the banks of the Red River but later was relocated due to the invasion of the river in 1615. On the occasion of Tet, many tourists, Buddhists came here to worship and pray. Note that when entering, you should wear polite, discreet to avoid objection.

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2. Perfume Pagoda – a spiritual spring tourist destination near famous Hanoi

Perfume Pagoda  is an outstanding and important cultural and religious complex in Vietnam. This place includes a lot of Buddhist churches, god temples, communal houses, … This is considered a spiritual tourist destination on Tet holiday near Hanoi that must definitely visit, especially on the occasion of the Perfume pagoda festival. The festival will be opened on January 6 of the lunar calendar every year and will last until the end of the third lunar month. When the festival takes place, there will be many tourists, Buddhists coming to celebrate. 

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The peak of Huong Pagoda Association falls between January 1 and February 18 of the lunar calendar. At that time it was the opening ceremony of the local painting. This is a ritual meant to open the temple. 

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3. Ba Chua Kho Pagoda – a spiritual tourist spot in early spring near the sacred capital

According to Vietnamese beliefs, Mrs. Chua Kho is a unique image that is both a historical figure and a legend. The act of worshiping her is the convergence of the goddess cult. At the same time, honor the hero who plays an important role in land reclamation, community building, and does not regret sacrificing himself to protect the Fatherland. 

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Legend has it that Mrs. Chua Kho came from a poor household station in Khac Cam village. She is considered beautiful by everyone. After she married King Ly, was promoted to Linh Tu Quoc Che, she realized that the land in Khac Cam was pretty much deserted, so she asked the king to return to the village to establish hamlets, recruit people and reclaim the land. If you do not know where to go to the spiritual spring near Hanoi , please go to Ba Chua Kho temple to burn incense and worship!

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4. Quan Thanh Temple – a spiritual tourist destination on Tet holiday near Hanoi, is loved by young people 

Quan Thanh Temple is also commonly known as Tran Vu Quan Temple, built in the reign of King Ly Thai To. The temple was built in the north of Thang Long citadel. At the beginning of the new year, many people will come here to pray for fortune, fortune, and luck. It is currently worshiping Huyen Thien Tran Vu. 

‘Suggestions’ of the most sacred tourist spots for the Tet holiday near Hanoi
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According to legend, Huyen Thien Tran Vu is a god who always helps people to eliminate evil, except ghosts, and fight foreign invaders. Another factor that made this spiritual site famous is the possession of ancient antiques such as couplets, poems, and steles of famous contemporary doctors. All of them are carved on wooden panels. 

Inside the Quan Thanh Temple

5. Ngoc Son Temple – a spiritual tourist destination for Tet holiday near Hanoi 

Speaking of the spiritual tourist spots near Hanoi , it is impossible to forget the name Ngoc Son Temple, an architecture located right on Sword Lake. This place includes an architectural complex including The Huc Bridge, Thap But, Dac Nguyet Lau, Tran Ba ​​Dinh, … 

Ngoc Son Temple

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the number of tourists flocking here is very crowded, both enjoying Hoan Kiem lake and going to the temple to worship. Often people come to Ngoc Son Temple to pray for fortune, luck, and peace. And especially the desire to have a successful education path, pass the exam as expected. 

This is a spiritual springtime destination that is loved by young people 

6. Bai Dinh pagoda – a spiritual spring tourist destination at the beginning of the year near Hanoi cannot be ignored

For a long time, Bai Dinh pagoda was a spiritual springtime destination near Hanoi that you should not miss. People often come here at the beginning of the year to question peace, fortune and luck. Also combine to admire and admire the Vietnamese records recorded here. 

Bai Dinh Pagoda

At Bai Dinh pagoda, there will be a spring festival that takes place on the afternoon of the 1st of Tet and officially opens on January 6 of the lunar calendar. The festival will last until March of lunar calendar and then end. With attractive activities, Bai Dinh pagoda will definitely be a great tourist destination for the first days of the new year. 

This temple has achieved many Vietnamese records 

7. Phu Tay Ho – an interesting tourist destination for Tet holidays near Hanoi 

Another spiritual tourist destination for Tet near Hanoi that you can try is Phu Tay Ho, an architecture located on a small island in the middle of West Lake. This spiritual work is associated with the worship of Mother, namely, worshiping Lord Lieu Hanh (one of the four immortals in the temple system). 

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People in the capital believe that when they come to Phu Tay Ho to burn incense, they will be blessed, pardoned, and yelled. Not only that, but people can also combine visiting the beauty of the architecture and breathing the fresh air here. 

Tourists come here to burn incense and pray 

8. Tay Thien Pagoda – a unique spiritual tourist spot right next to the capital 

Tay Thien Pagoda is a famous sacred destination near Hanoi . Every year, thousands of tourists come here to worship Buddha, pray for peace and fortune for their loved ones. The temple is located on Thach Ban mountain in Tam Dao mountain range, just 1 hour drive from the capital. 

Tay Thien Pagoda

The scene here has a harmony between forests and rivers and a diverse system of flora and fauna. On the first days of the year, you and your loved ones come here to pray together for a new year filled with luck and peace. In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in exciting cultural activities.  

Magnificent space inside the temple 

9. Bach Ma Temple – a spiritual spring tourism destination near Hanoi you should visit 

When you are wondering which New Year spiritual destination to choose near Hanoi, you can go to Bach Ma Temple. This work was built in the Ly Dynasty and is now considered the oldest and holiest temple in the Capital, associated with the rampart building period of King Ly Thai To. 

Bach Ma Temple

Currently the temple still retains many ancient artifacts and ancient rituals. At this point, everyone will be able to see firsthand the magic horses placed in the main buildings. Going to the festival at the beginning of the year, you can also see many rituals and deep learn about Vietnamese religious culture. 

The inside is splendid 

Above are suggestions for the local tourist attractions near-spiritual Tet Hanoi . Whether you go with family, friends, loved ones are wonderful. Not too far from the capital, but it still offers visitors sacred space and full of peace. Let’s plan your first spring trip now!

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