Delectable eateries that shouldn t miss in Da Lat
tranthuy02 28-01-2021, 11:55

Da Lat has long been famous for its year-round cool climate, breath-taking natural landscape, and especially delectable dishes that can conquer your taste buds with just a bite.

Delectable eateries that shouldn t miss in Da Lat

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Lẩu ga la e 668 (668 Chicken hotpot with Ocimum basilicum Pilosum leave)

Photo: Foodcollection Smy/ via Zing News

Photo: Foodcollection Smy/ via Zing News

Address: Chu Van An Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Opening hours: 9h30-23h30

Price: 200,000-300,000 VND (US$8.66- US$ 12.99)

Score: 3,9/ 5

Customers’ review:

Tam Bui Duc: "This shop is famous for local diners due to its obscure location. It’s opened by a family, hence, the service is not too professional”, Zing News quoted.

Hanh M. Nguyen: "Delicious chicken hotpot with reasonable price. The shop also offers grilled chicken. The hotpot has a lot of chicken, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. The broth has sweetness and fragrance of “la e” (Ocimum basilicum Pilosum). Both staff and owner are friendly".

Hang Nguyen: "I also came here by reading everyone’s review. I went to the eatery with another person and ordered a small hotpot of 200,000 VND (US$8.66). The big hotpot is 300,000 VND (US$ 12.99). Chicken has certain softness. The hotpot is really perfect with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and Ocimum basilicum Pilosum. Green chili salt is also a plus point here”.

Quan 33 Ốc nhồi thịt (33 Snails stuffed with meat)

Photo: Huy_can_eat/ via Zing News

Photo: Zenpham/ via Zing News

Address: Hai Ba Trung Street, Ward 6, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Opening hours: 11h-21h

Price: 50,000 -180,000 VND/ dish (US$ 2.16- US$ 7.79)

Score: 4/5

Customers’ review:

Huy Le: "The dish must be eaten right away after it’s served, suitable for the cold weather at the year-end in Da Lat. The beef hotpot is little compared to its price, but the taste is very sweet and not too greasy. I have yogurt for dessert. It is very smooth, sweet and sour enough. Although the space is small, the service is quite fast”.

Thien Tran: "The snail stuffed with meat is scrumptious though its price is quite expensive (160,000 VND- US$ 6.93 for a portion of 15 snails). A snail bowl looks quite big but it only contains snails on top. The other dishes are not special”.

Duy Tran: "Every time I travel to Da Lat, I always come to this shop to enjoy snail stuffed with meat. The dipping sauce is really perfect. The cheese yogurt is good, not too sour like other restaurants. The staff is polite and enthusiastic”.

Quan nưong Chu (Chu grilled meat)

Photo: Ruahaman/ via Zing News

Photo: Gogofindfood/ via Zing News

Photo: Teeliciious/ via Zing News

Address: Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Opening hours: 14h-24h

Price: 50,000-450,000 VND (US$2.16- US$ 19.47)

Score: 3.8/ 5

Customers’ review:

Thuy Tran: “Quan nưong Chu is a “must-try” eatery in Da Lat. Although it is crowded, the service is fast. Strange taste. Delectable dishes. I ordered a grilled beef, grilled pig intestines, and grilled okras. The grilled dishes are the best when served with raw vegetables".

Duc Thinh Tran: "The restaurant is crowded. The space is large. The food is quite delicious at a reasonable price. The service is a bit slow, however, it’s acceptable. There is nothing more wonderful than savoring grilled food amidst the chilly weather in Da Lat".

Giang Nguyen: "The eatery has a diverse menu ranging from grilled beef, pork, pork ribs to ostrich”.

Kem bơ Thanh Thảo (Thanh Thao avocado ice-cream)

Photo: Hibo_27/ via Zing News

Photo: Hana. foodie/ via Zing News

Address: Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Opening hours: 7h- 22h

Price: 15,000-20,000 VND (US$ 0.65- US$ 0.87)

Score: 4/5

Customers’ review:

Louis Phantom: "At the first glance, a VND20000 cup of avocado ice-cream looks quite small; so, I think it is expensive. Yet, when eating the first spoon, I am really impressed. The avocado ice-cream is moderately sweet and greasy”.

Bao Ngo: "Thanh Thao avocado ice-cream is delicious with reasonable price. The space is small and full of patrons. The service is quite slow because there is only the owner”.

Hung Vu: "Ice cream is quite tasty. The other drinks are not too special. The shop attracts both locals and visitors. Each avocado ice-cream costs VND 20000 (US$ 0.87).

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