Spring flowers in highland
ChandraGarran04 27-01-2021, 18:40

The end of the old year and the beginning of the new year is the time when spring flowers bloom throughout the high mountains such as Y Ty, Moc Chau, Da Lat.

Since the beginning of December, Moc Chau has put on a pristine white color of early blooming plum blossoms.

Two Hmong girls carry yellow mustard flowers under plum blossoms in Na Ka village, a place known as “spring paradise” in the middle of the mountain, about 16 km from the town center of Moc Chau farm.

Coming to Moc Chau , visitors can easily see flowering plum trees, early results scattered on the roadside, halfway up in the hills or in the valleys.

The mother and son of the Mong ethnic group in the highlands of Pa Phach village, Dong Sang commune, are located on Highway 6, about 5 km from Moc Chau intersection.

Plum blossom forest blooms white hills in Moc Chau on January 9.

Plum blossoms bloom simultaneously for about 2-3 weeks, covering the valley and hillside, making visitors delightful.

The forest peach blossoms freeze in Sa Pa, photo taken on January 11. This is the time when the increasing cold air mass spills down the northern mountainous region, causing frost phenomenon in many regions such as Sa Pa, Y Ty in Lao Cai, Phia Oac in Cao Bang, Mau Son in Lang Son, Binh Lieu in Quang Ninh.

The kiss of an icy day in Sa Pa of the couple.

Snow fell in a small village at the foot of Nhì Co San, Y Ty mountain on the morning of January 12. At Y Ty, the snow fell from the night of January 10 to January 12, but gradually melted, but tourists everywhere still flocked to “hunt for snow”, to see the rare sight.

In Lam Dong, at the end of December and early January, there are also many streets with cherry blossoms in color . The photo above shows a girl watching a cherry blossoms canopy in a small village of Da Sar commune, Lac Duong district.

This year, the cherry blossom season early tomorrow season on the slopes of Lang Biang, Trai Mat – Cau Dat, and the inner city of Dalat will gradually flourish at the end of January onwards.

vnexpress/ Photo: Le Thanh Duy