Chiem Hoa Gai cake – a famous specialty dish of Tuyen Quang
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Referring to the Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang Gai cake, people often rubbed because this is a delicious dish with bold flavors of the mountains and forests of the Northeast. 

Thanks to this dish, the beauty of Tuyen Quang’s culinary culture becomes even more special and more attractive. Because to make delicious hemp cakes, the baker takes a lot of effort. Right from the selection of raw materials is also very meticulous and careful.

1. Introduction to Chiem Hoa hemp cake

Chiem Hoa Gai cake – a famous specialty dish of Tuyen Quang
This Tuyen Quang hemp cake looks delicious and attractive

Hemp cake is a very familiar country gift to Vietnamese people. Not only Tuyen Quang but also this dish in many other provinces in the country. However, Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang hemp cake has a new and unique flavor that anyone who has eaten before will feel nostalgic.

This is a cake bearing the typical cultural beauty of the Tay people. For a long time, this dish has created a famous brand for Tuyen Quang. Therefore, whenever people mention Tuyen Quang ‘s specialty, people immediately mention Chiem Hoa thorn cake. 

This cake is a specialty of Tuyen Quang as a gift that is loved by many people

This cake is usually made on the occasion of Tet holiday season Vu Lan. On this occasion, people want to make their own delicious hemp cakes to present to their ancestors to show their devotion. 

Nowadays, this cake has become a famous brand of gai cakes in Tuyen Quang province, so people here often make this cake to serve the needs of domestic and foreign tourists love buns. Many people often choose this cake to buy as a gift after their Tuyen Quang trip. This is a delicious and cheap country gift, so it is very suitable for you to choose to buy as gifts for your friends and relatives. 

For a long time now, Gai cake has become a traditional cake of Tuyen Quang. It has created a great name and brand for this northern mountainous province.

2. Instructions on how to make hemp cakes Tuyen Quang

To make this delicious hemp cake, people have to go through many different stages

At first glance, you will see that this cake is very familiar and familiar. But to be able to do it is not easy. It requires a lot of effort from the baker and the baker needs experience to create delicious Chiem Hoa hemp cakes in accordance with Tuyen Quang standards. 

Among the stages of making hemp cake, the choice of baking ingredients plays a significant role. Because baking ingredients such as rice, banana leaves or meat and beans need to be selected.

Sticky rice to make cakes must be the type of yellow flower sticky rice. Banana leaf wrapping must be clean and dry. The green bean cake filling and the meat inside must always be delicious and ensure the health of the user.

The inside of the Tuyen Quang specialty thorn cake will make you fascinated by its sweet and fragrant flavor

The main ingredient to make this cake is hemp leaves. Therefore, when choosing hemp leaves for this cake, make sure the leaves are not too young and absolutely do not choose too old hemp leaves. Because the hemp leaves need to boil and filter out the fibers after picking. After that, continue to dry and continue to cook with sugar. Then proceed to pound with glutinous flour. 

The filling made with green beans requires the selection of large, round beans. Fatty meat seasoned with sugar to make the cake. When making Chiem Hoa gai cake , people often choose to add coconut to this cake to eat more delicious and delicious. The outside of the cake will be a layer of fragrant sesame to create a very eye-catching look for this cake. 

After crushing rice, people will bring the rice mixed with rock sugar and hemp leaves. This pounding process is also very time consuming. Because you need to pound until all the ingredients stick together and form a uniform dark powder. After completing all the stages, people will proceed to put the cake in the pot to steam for about 2 hours, it is soft cooked.

3. Feeling about Chiem Hoa hemp cake Tuyen Quang

Gai cake here has become a rustic gift that any visitor also loves

Like other gai cakes, gai cakes in Chiem Hoa also have the characteristic black color of thorn leaves. When eaten, there will be a sweet taste of thorn leaves and the fleshy, sweet taste of rock sugar and beans. In particular, the filling also has more fatty meat, so when eaten, it will be very sticky and creamy. All of them create a very special flavor for this special Tuyen Quang Chiem Hoa hemp cake . When you eat, you will not feel confused with any pancakes elsewhere. Because the taste of the pancake here is very different. It will help you when you eat it and will not feel sick. Because of the moderate sweetness, when eaten, it will not feel a crack.

This is the taste of the cake when enjoying, you will feel the taste of green beans mixed with the fresh coconut will not get sick but vice versa. The scent of thorn leaves will make you feel ecstatic. It is because of these special flavors that Chiem Hoa hemp cake is more and more popular. Currently, this cake has been distributed in many places across the country. Every day, thousands of pairs of hemp cakes are transported to other places to make home gifts for people all over the country.

This hemp cake is not only delicious but also very safe and healthy to use

This cake takes about 7 hours to complete and after that, you can store it for 2-3 days from the date of manufacture. The advantage of Tuyen Quang gai cake is that in addition to its delicious taste, this cake does not contain preservatives, so when eaten, it will be very healthy. If you leave Tuyen Quang gai cake in the refrigerator, the storage time will be longer. However, when you eat it, you should steam it to make sure it is soft and chewy. 

Although people often consider making a pancake, it is difficult to get rich because the value of each cake is very cheap. However, Chiem Hoa Tuyen Quang Gai cake is always a country gift that makes many people here always stick. They want to preserve the traditional profession of my ancestors from many generations, so this cake in every street of Tuyen Quang is always sold by people.