Top homestays in Gia Lai who check-in are tired of their virtual life angle
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The land of the Central Highlands has the wild beauty of sunshine, great wind and the homestay in Gia Lai also makes tourists fall in love with the unique beauty. 

Traveling to Gia Lai, apart from check-in plans at famous destinations, one of the things that most tourists are interested in today is which homestay. Although not as prosperous as Da Lat, homestay in Gia Lai always attracts tourists. Coming to Gia Lai and being curled up to sleep in a warm room, beautiful view and comfortable is the feeling that everyone wants to enjoy. Gia Lai is not a rare homestay, but if you want to find a place that is both beautiful, spacious and has many beautiful check-in corners, do not miss the suggestions below. 

Top homestays in Gia Lai who check-in are tired of their virtual life angle
Choosing homestay in Gia Lai is a favorite trend for tourists. Photo: @lebbeu

Discovering the list of top homestays in Gia Lai once will be forever 

1. XOM Organic Farm Stay – Full House

This homestay in Gia Lai is located very close to the city center, in Village 5, Tra Da Commune, City. Pleiku, Gia Lai province. It only takes about 5 minutes to travel by motorbike to the center, so it is very convenient for planning to move and play. 

XOM Organic Farm Stay is located near the city center. Photo: @ ig144.chef

XOM Organic Farm Stay is not a simple accommodation, but it is the size of a mini farm with full accommodation, gardens, yards, Gallery … The homestay area is about 70 square meters with room Bathrooms, bedrooms, full living rooms, fresh space blended with nature, so it will definitely give you a comfortable stay. 

Rooms are large, fully equipped and filled with light. Photo: @XOM Organic Farm Stay

The space of XOM Organic Farm Stay homestay is very spacious. Photo: @pulivo

In addition to the accommodation, XOM Organic Farm Stay also offers a full range of dining and entertainment services for visitors, you can join sightseeing tours, culinary attractions or rent on-site transportation. Especially, this spacious homestay campus is very suitable for organizing meetings, BBQ parties, birthdays … The price of staying at XOM Organic Farm Stay is 550,000 VND / night / 1 person.

XOM Organic Farm Stay is very popular among tourist enthusiasts. Photo: XOM Organic Farm Stay
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2. Hani House

If you want to find a homestay in Gia Lai with a beautiful room, beautiful decor and a chestnut price, Hani House is a suitable suggestion. Homestay is located at 49/2 Phu Dong, Pleiku city, near many famous tourist destinations including Gia Lai such as Bien Ho, Dai Doan Ket Square or Minh Thanh Pagoda . 

The space in front of the homestay. Photo: FB / Hani House

Hani Hose space is very peaceful with trees and spacious garden. Rooms here are quite comfortable and cozy to meet the basic needs of both guests. In particular, the way to decorate the space is beautiful and cute, the flower garden is beautiful and sparkling and the owner is extremely hospitable is a big plus point for many people.

Bright and comfortable rooms. Photo: FB / Hani House

With the price of only 200,000 VND / night / person, Hani Hose is a perfect choice for those who want to save money when coming to Gia Lai. 

Many young people love the white wall at Hani House. Photo: FB Hani House

3. White House

In addition to Hani House, White House is also one of the cheap homestays in Gia Lai . The homestay space is decorated by the main white tone to bring a peaceful look, the campus is beautifully decorated with aquariums, plants, flowers and leaves. 

White House is a cheap homestay in Gia Lai that is favored by many young people. Photo: FB / White House

White House is located at 10 Luong Dinh Cua, Pleiku City, in the central routes of Gia Lai, so you can move to other tourist destinations very conveniently. From here to Minh Thanh Pagoda only 5 minutes, to Bien Ho only 10 minutes.

The homestay has many small Bugalow apartments. Photo: FB / White House

Rooms here are moderate but clean, fully equipped and bright. In particular, this homestay in Gia Lai has a very large garden area, integrated for you to organize outdoor fun. The reference price at White House is only from 200,000 VND / night.

The room is clean, the area is not too large. Photo: FB White House

4. The Stay Villa Pleiku

The Stay Villa Pleiku is the meeting point of many tourists coming to Gia Lai because of its beautiful space, modern and comfortable interior. This homestay in Gia Lai is located at 210 Phu Dong alley, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province, one of the prime locations of the city.

The Stay Villa Pleiku has a beautiful campus. Photo: FB The Stay Villa Pleiku

Especially The Stay Villa Pleiku has a shuttle service at the airport, free car rental. Rooms at The Stay Villa Pleiku are very spacious and comfortable, as beautiful as a 3-star hotel. The homestay space has a spacious garden, with tables and chairs for guests to rest. The price of staying here is 400,000 VND / night. 

Modern rooms, fully equipped. Photo: FB / The Stay Villa Pleiku

Homestay has a modern kitchen. Photo: FB / The Stay Villa Pleiku

Gia Lai has many homestays, but above are the most prominent names that you can refer to to check-in for your upcoming Gia Lai journey. An experience you should keep in mind is that whether you choose a hotel or a homestay in Gia Lai , you should still stay in areas near the city center, because the tourist destinations of Gia Lai are very close to each other, you absolutely have can go back in the day. Staying close to the center will also be more convenient for your nightlife activities. 

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