Artist impressions a sneak peak at Saigon flower street
VietReader 12-01-2021, 11:59

One of the most popular features of Tet (Lunar New Year) celebrations in Saigon is the transformation of Nguyen Hue – a popular pedestrian street – into a floral bonanza.
This year, the theme that has been chosen is: “Ho Chi Minh City: Civilization – Modernism – Love.” Accordingly, officials say that the flower street for Tet in February is being designed with the expectation of giving people and visitors the feeling of a city full of vitality, dynamism and prosperity in harmony with its core cultural values.

An aerial view of a design called “Buffalo herding season,” an iconic image from the Mekong Delta.

Another iconic image of rural Vietnam, the boys with conical hats on buffaloes, symbolizes the relationship between farmers and their faithful animals.

Buffalo mascots graze on a bed of flowers.

A total of 26 buffalo mascots in various poses and sizes – calves to muscled adults – styled with traditional materials including rattan, bamboo, maleleuca bark and lotus leaves will populate the flower street. The buffaloes are almost always in pairs and part of herds, signifying family and a close knit community.

A recurring and main feature of the Nguyen Hue flower street 2021 will be the use of organic materials for all manners of decorations, intending to foster an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The Smart City design at the end of the flower street will signify an open gate leading to the future.

The flower street will, of course, boast a wide selection of flowers including exotic orchids. This will be the 18th edition of the Tet flower street after the inaugural one in 2004.

Organizers said the Nguyen Hue flower street will have a more innovative landscape layout compared to previous years, allowing clearer traffic flow with two side aisles, making it easier for visitors to enjoy walking and admiring the flower arrangements and other attractions.

Work on actualizing the artists’ impressions will take place from January 25 to February 9. The street will welcome guests starting 7:00 p.m. February 9 until 9:00 p.m. February 15. The first day of the coming Year of the Buffalo falls on February 12.

Photos courtesy of Saigontourist