5 paths to see cherry blossoms in Da Lat
duonghanhnguyen 11-01-2021, 10:05

LAM DONG – To Da Lat in February, February, you should not miss the Hung Vuong, Tran Hung Dao routes, the direction to Trai Mat, Tuyen Lam Lake.

At the beginning of December this year, cherry blossoms bloom early at some points in Da Lat, but the most prominent time to mention is 1-2 weeks from New Year. The flowers will bloom for a whole month and each time, the flowers bloom in different areas. What are you waiting for without planning to explore the flower city in cherry blossom season with the following paths?

Hung Vuong Street – Tran Hung Dao

Hung Vuong – Tran Hung Dao (especially along the Cadasa villas) is a central route only about 4 km from Da Lat market, every year attracts many visitors to check-in in the cherry blossom season.
Tourists take souvenir photos on Hung Vuong Street, near Nam Ho Villa in December 2020. Photo: Hoang Dong

Currently, the inner city of Da Lat is not much but scattered under trees, so by the end of January, the flowers will be completely brilliant. Because lying on the road, visitors should pay attention to neatly build the car along the side of the road or on the sidewalk, taking photos without obstructing the traffic. Photo: Py Tran

The way to Trai Mat – Cau Dat

This area is located about 10 km from Da Lat city. Currently, on both sides of the road from the city center to Trai Mat, some cherry apricot trees are blooming, attracting young people to check-in. Photo: Quang Da Lat

On the way to Trai Mat – Cau Dat, you can visit more Linh Phuoc pagoda, Trai Mat area, tea hill, flower gardens, flower cage, vegetable cage … Photo: Quang Da Lat

Doc Da Quy

This is one of the most romantic slopes in the cherry blossom season tomorrow, located in Xuan Tho – Trai Mat is also on Hung Vuong street, going straight to Highway 20 in the direction to Trai Mat. Photo: Nguyen Vu / instagram

Previously, Da Quy slope was a stop for photographers to Dalat in the spring, in recent years this place attracts many young people and flower lovers to admire. Many young couples also choose to be a wedding destination because of many romantic corners and flowers blooming on both sides of the road. Photo: Bill Balo

Luoyang (Lang Biang mountain slope)

This area is about 17 km from the center of Da Lat. From the city towards Lang Biang , you go to Dankia Street then cross Lang Biang Street to see the flower forest on the right. The road is quite bad and difficult to go, if you keep the steering wheel, you can move by motorbike by yourself, otherwise rent a car (100,000 VND / round trip).

Photo taken on December 29th, cherry blossoms in this area are in full bloom in the last sunny days of 2020. Photo: Devil Coc Tu

Cherry plum blossoms in Lac Duong have been blooming quite a lot since the end of December, and will be more blooming in January. Please schedule now to see the most blooming flowers. Travel blogger Ma Coc Tu shared that if you hunt for flowers here, you should go early in the morning, shooting at 6 – 9 am is the best.

In addition, if you come to Lac Duong, you can visit the communes of Da Nhim, Da Chais, and Da Sar. Local people often plant cherry apricots in front of their homes, and in the spring, the flowers bloom in pink to create a very poetic scene. Photo: Hai Le Quang

Tuyen Lam Lake

About 6 km from the city, Tuyen Lam Lake is also a check-in point, cherry blossom viewing cannot be missed. Visitors going to the Sculpture Tunnel, crossing the sharp bridge, will encounter large clusters of cherry apricots. Since 2009, the Tuyen Lam lake tourist area has had 25 hectares invested to grow cherry blossoms, not to mention many businesses also participate in planting to create a landscape to attract tourists. Photo: huyenjane / instagram