Mu Cang Chai hosts first Banh Day pounding festival
daitranvan 6-01-2021, 18:05

The debut Banh Day festival was held between January 1–3 in the mountainous district of Mu Cang Chai in the northern province of Yen Bai as part of celebrations for the local delicacy, attracting numerous tourists following the New Year holiday.

Mu Cang Chai hosts first Banh Day pounding festival
A pounding competition to make Banh Day, a type of round-shaped rice cake, serves as the main activity of the festival, drawing the participation of 26 teams from across Mu Cang Chai mountainous district. The first-ever event has captured the attention of plenty of local people and tourists in attendance.
Green beans are one of the key ingredients in making this delicious cake. The beans are grown locally on terraced fields in Yen Bai Province.
Each team is made up of six members who participate in the competition to create Banh Day.
The first part of the competition involves cooking rice.
Competitors then prepare for rice pounding.
Pounding rice represents the most important step toward making a delicious cake.
Participants then mold their cakes.
Each team selects a different colour for their respective cakes.
A competitor represents their team as they present their cake to the judging panel.
A number of folk games, such as Con ball throwing, also known as Nem Con locally, stick pushing, and stilt walking are held during the festival.
Both locals and tourists take part in the folk games.
A performance of the Khen panpipe by ethnic students excites crowds.
The local administration plans to hold the festival annually in order to celebrate the New Year.