‘Typical’ Da Lat crab noodle soup eatery turns 30
VietReader 5-01-2021, 17:09

Di Canh (Madam Canh) Crab Noodle Soup is in the small yard of a house in the heart of the Central Highlands town. A sign outside the eatery says: ‘Crab noodle available’.

The stall has been in business for over three decades. When Canh turned over 90 years old, she handed it down to her daughter. Since the alley is a small residential one, the patrons are primarily regulars and locals.

Despite the lack of traffic coming through the area, it is always packed. Opening from 6 to 10 a.m. it sells out roughly 50 kilograms of noodles a day.

‘Typical’ Da Lat crab noodle soup eatery turns 30

Di Canh crab noodle soup eatery is in Alley 4 (now 23/6), Ba Trieu Street, Ward 1, Da Lat.

The crab noodle soup at Di Canh keeps customers coming back because of its unique and intense flavor that is very different from the traditional one in the north.

Field crab is pounded and mixed with dried shrimp and meat and then layered onto rice noodles. A generous serving of crab roe completes the dish, adding depth to the sweet tomato soup.

Customers say even after they finish the noodles chunks of roe remain. They even half-jokingly ask how the eatery is making a profit from such generous portions.

The owner and staff at Di Canh are friendly. Photo by VnExpress/Trung Nghia.

Served on the side is thinly sliced chili, green chili, chili powder, sate (lemongrass chili oil), and a chili garlic vinegar sauce. The spiciness of the chili complements the dish and warms up the body on cool days in the hill town.

The eatery also serves a homemade aloe vera drink that is very refreshing.

A hearty bowl of crab noodle soup costs VND25,000-35,000 ($1.1-1.5).