This Tet we invite each other to hunt clouds in Sa Pa
duonghanhnguyen 4-01-2021, 09:41
If you are looking for a place to rest during the New Year holidays in 2021, Sa Pa is the most ideal destination. Dubbed the “cloud paradise”, traveling to Sa Pa on the occasion of Tet and immersed in the sea of ​​clouds is a very different experience.
The beautiful scenery in Sa Pa with ancient temples blends into the majestic mountains and clouds.

What is special about cloud hunting in Sa Pa during Tet?

Sea of ​​clouds usually appear in areas with high pressure, the cooler the weather, the lower the clouds. So traveling to Sa Pa around October to April next year, you will easily “catch” the most clouds. Recently, many people choose to combine the Sapa tour on Tet occasion to hunt more clouds. At that time, visitors just have a lot of time to admire and relax, it is sunny and the air is not too chilly.

In addition to watching the sea of ​​clouds, when coming to Sa Pa during Tet, you can also watch cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, pear blossoms and hundreds of other spring flowers. If you go on the days of the new year festival of ethnic minorities, visitors have the opportunity to experience the unique indigenous culture in Sa Pa.

Beautiful cloud hunting spots “pleasing to the eyes”

The top place to hunt clouds in Sa Pa is Ham Rong Mountain, because this place is located in the center of Sa Pa town. The Sky Yard on Ham Rong Mountain is located at an altitude of more than 1,800m, allowing you to capture the entire town of Sa Pa in the cloud.

In addition, on the way to the Sky Yard, you can also pass through the rock forest of all shapes, colorful flower gardens, orchid gardens with many kinds of rare orchids such as sword collection, dream sword, wood stem orchid … In any season, you can watch the beautiful flowers brilliantly.

Sea of ​​clouds in Ham Rong mountain. Source: Indochina Vacation

Another beautiful place to watch clouds is Fansipan peak. With the Muong Hoa mountain train and cable car to Fansipan, visitors can easily reach the cloud viewing spot within half an hour, or at most an hour if on a crowded day. From the top of 3,143m, you will see the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and the temples sunk in the clouds, extremely poetic.

The third destination is O Quy Ho Pass – the famous pass in the “Four Great Passes” in the North. This pass is also known with other names such as Tram Ton Pass, Hoang Lien Pass, but more specifically the name “Heaven Gate” and “Cloud Pass” because it is always cloudy all year round.

Also located on the pass road, which borders Sapa and Lai Chau, is the Cau Rong Cloud tourism area. Standing on the glass-bottomed bridge, you will see that the whole Northwest is at your feet. In addition, from the glass bridge, visitors can look straight out to O Quy Ho Pass, so it is easy to ‘catch’ the beautiful sunset.

In addition to the above places, the villages in Sa Pa are also an extremely ideal place to enjoy the scenery of “rolling clouds”. The nearest, also the most convenient place to travel for tourists in Sa Pa is the beautiful Cat Cat village, flowers bloom in four seasons. A little further, more wild, suitable for travelers interested in exploring are Hang Da village, Sau Chua village or Ta Van village. Come here, in addition to cloud hunting, you can also experience the rustic life of upland people.

In addition to cloud hunting, Sa Pa cherry blossom hill is also a beautiful check-in point that should not be missed.

Choose a suitable accommodation

To facilitate the schedule of rattan hunting and combination of sightseeing tourist attractions, tourists should stay in the center of Sa Pa town. There are many types of accommodation from homestay, 2 – 4 star hotels to high-end resorts and there are enough prices for you to choose from. However, during the holiday period, you should book 2-3 weeks in advance to have a nice room, beautiful direction and the best preparation for the trip.

The prices also fluctuate quite a bit. For those who only go to Sapa alone or in small groups, with the main purpose of exploring, staying in a homestay dormitory is both cheap and fun, and the budget is about 100,000 – 150,000 VND / person. The homestay in Sa Pa is also quite nice design for guests to freely “check-in”.

For groups of guests or families, you should choose to stay at a hotel. Unlike a homestay, I usually have to bring my own personal belongings, the hotel will have more facilities available. And coming to Sa Pa just to relax and relax on Tet holiday after a year of hard work, high-end resorts will be the right choice.

If you are self-sufficient, you can reserve rooms on sites like or Agoda. If you choose to go on a tour or buy a Sa Pa combo from reputable travel companies such as Indochina Holiday , you will relax, just carry a backpack. Come and experience it. /.

Sa Pa is an attractive tourist destination during Tet 2021.