Free night excursion on the Han River
hanguyen0409 3-01-2021, 08:40

DA NANG – 2,000 people and visitors have the opportunity to take a free cruise to see the sparkling Han River at night, during the New Year.

On the evening of January 1, Da Nang Tourism Department coordinated with the owners of yachts on the Han River to organize visitors to the Han River for free. The program took place on January 1 and 2, with 2,000 tickets awarded to residents and visitors.

The delegations registered in advance and were checked by the border guard. All other passengers when checking-in must comply with wearing a mask, hand sanitizer.

Exactly 20 o’clock, ships depart at the port in front of Novotel hotel area on Bach Dang street (Hai Chau district).

Normally, the odd fare to visit the Han River by boat is 150,000 VND / person; Group guest is 70,000 VND.

Tourists are excited to get on board, enjoy the beauty of the river in the heart of the city.

Visitors enjoy the Apsara dance (traditional Cham dance).

Mr. Dang Hoa, owner of Han Giang yacht, Chairman of Da Nang Waterway Tourism Association, said that even though the service is free of charge, services are still intact and free drinking water.

“Although it is free, but this is we are inviting guests, so the first thing is to cherish you. Through this stimulus, I hope the number of visitors to Da Nang will increase”, Mr. Hoa said.

On the two sides of the river, high-rise buildings create an effect of electric lighting, making the beauty of the river more sparkling.

Join the program on the first night with 18 yachts of the water transport business. Yachts lined up in long lines parade on the river.

Bui Thi Dieu Thao (3rd year student of Danang Economics University) with her mother took souvenir photo in front of Dragon Bridge at night.

“Although I live in Da Nang, but when I discover the beauty of the Han River at night, I am still very excited. The first day of the year to see such a beautiful scenery, I am very happy”, said Dieu Thao.

Many young people enjoying the Han River also record the moment together on New Year’s Day.

At 9:00 p.m., the yachts approached the Dragon bridgehead area to enjoy the “Dragon” spitting fire and water.

Many visitors return to this moment to share with friends. “The time the dragon spits fire is short and too much smoke,” said one tourist, hoping the bridge’s flamethrower system will improve.

Yacht activities for tourists to explore the beauty of the Han River, watch Dragon Bridge spit fire, and water has been put into operation by Da Nang for many years. During the Covid-19 translation, the service is suspended. Although the revenue is affected, the boat owners have maintained and maintained to restart this tour

21h30, visitors are brought back to the harbor, ending the journey. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh – Deputy Director of Da Nang Tourism Department, said on the occasion of the new year, the Department has implemented many stimulus programs with the desire to create an exciting atmosphere for people.

“Through here we also convey the message of safe and attractive Danang, so that we can deploy stimulus programs for 2021. Especially focusing on domestic customers and ready to welcome international visitors if translated. The disease is controlled, “said Mr. Binh.