Scene of 3 fireworks battlefields in Hanoi before the New Year
doyen1988 31-12-2020, 19:32

3 battle fireworks at Hoan Kiem Lake; Thong Nhat Park, My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi) began to be installed to serve the people of the capital on the occasion of New Year’s Day 2021.

During the 2021 New Year, Hanoi city will hold high altitude fireworks at 3 locations: Hoan Kiem Lake area, Thong Nhat Park and My Dinh Stadium.
As noted by the reporter, fireworks battlefields have been installed at the above points. The magic flower shooting area at Hoan Kiem Lake is fenced, covered with canvas and has a guard and strict protection force.
Similar to the area of ​​Thong Nhat Park, the fireworks battlefield is strictly protected to ensure the safety of the fireworks battlefield as well as the people walking through this area.
At My Dinh Stadium, the cannon was fixed by the frame to keep the cannon fixed and in the right direction during firing. Tomorrow morning (December 31), fireworks will be dropped onto the cannon and connected.

Preparatory work behind the D stand area (My Dinh Stadium, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi). It is expected that it will fire 800 high-altitude cannons and 60 low-range cannons.
Fireworks will be launched for 15 minutes from 00:00 to 0015) on January 1, 2121.

Lao Dong