A close-up of the 5m long headscarf of ethnic Pa Then women
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 Pa Then women often have long hair around their heads, towels made of indigo-dyed cotton, about 3.5m – 5m long and about 30cm wide.

In the framework of the program “Cultural, tourism and commercial space in Ha Giang province in Hanoi – 2020″, the image of a poetic and meticulous Pa Then woman in the weaving frame attracted the attention the idea of ​​many tourists to the Capital.

The program “Cultural, tourism and commercial space of Ha Giang province in Hanoi – 2020″ introduces visitors to a photo exhibition about the beauty of the scenery and people of Ha Giang; introducing specialties of ancient snow Shan tea, demonstrating traditional techniques of making yarn and weaving, performing khen dance … with the participation of many typical artists.

A close-up of the 5m long headscarf of ethnic Pa Then women
Ms. Xin Thi Giang, Pa Then ethnic minority (Tan Bac commune, Quang Binh, Ha Giang) meticulously weaves brocade fabric and introduces visitors to the Capital.

Pa Then people have lived in the oldest and most living in Tan Trinh, Tan Bac communes (Quang Binh district, Ha Giang). Pa Then people’s outfits have features of style, color and materials, mainly red.

Ms. Download Thi Mai, a fabric weaver of a brocade weaving cooperative in My Bac village, Tan Bac commune, said: “To complete an outfit can sometimes last a year and requires dexterity and hard work. The knitting and embroidery stages are handcrafted by the hands of the Pa Then women.

The Pa Card’s female attire includes: Towels, tops, belts, skirts, bibs. Women often have long hair around their heads, the ends of the towels are attached with two red and yellow fringes to look beautiful and fancy.

Their head scarf consists of 1 pair: The inner towel is made of indigo dyed cotton, about 350-500cm long, about 30cm wide but folded to only about 5cm. Outer scarf is made of red fabric woven with white stripes.

When using, the inner towel is wrapped many times around the head, forming a wide brim, then wrapped the outer towel. Finished wrapping, people use sewing thread to keep the towel from being dislodged, so it can be removed from the head without rewinding.

Ms. Download Thi Mai introduces visitors to the 5m long head scarf of the Pa Then ethnic woman

To preserve the traditional costumes of her ethnic group, Ms. Download Thi Mai has established a brocade weaving cooperative for the past four years, to gather women in the village who know how to weave to make brocade products. : Clothes, bags, pillow cases, towels, hats … sold to tourists.

“My cooperative currently has 12 people, I design models for women to weave. I often sell products at fairs, on facebook and follow requests when customers order”, Ms. Mai said.

Capital visitors enjoy the traditional fabric weaving of Pa Then ethnic women

Pa Then people have only one original costume, which is preserved from generation to generation, and mothers teach to their daughters, so most of the women know how to weave and embroider themselves to serve their needs. your own needs.

The concept of red is the color of fire, the color of light, the god of fire is the spiritual deity of the nation. Therefore, Pa Then women take red as the main color of their outfits, combined with white and black fabrics, alternating patterned lines to create the outfit in harmony with the majestic natural mountain scenery. .

Pa Then women wear dresses with vibrant red, indigo men’s colors. Jewelry necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings.

The fabrics are woven for hours,

The patterns on the fabric of the Pa Then are very diverse, geometrical: Cross, triangle, square, diamond … on the scarf, chest, waist, hem, skirt body. In addition, there are also patterns of people, dog feet, crab eyes, children, buffalo horns.

“The weaving and embroidery are usually done during leisure time. The shapes of patterns appearing in each stitch, stitches reflect people’s lives and are associated with close animals, especially paintings. dog details “, Ms. Mai added.

The most noticeable point in the costume of Pa Then women is the shirt. It is a red ao dai which is sewn in a no neck style, when worn with the front two bodies crossed, the back body is longer than the front.

To add a look to the shirt that has no collars, young girls often wear a white shirt underneath.

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