Passionately watch the “Dalat flower garden” in full bloom on the Saigon River
sonnguyen 29-12-2020, 09:31
About 15km from the city center, the flower field in Nhi Binh Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City is in full bloom, blooming brightly. On the weekends, this place attracts a lot of young people to visit and take pictures.

The group of friends knew the field of flowers through social networks and came to take pictures of spring

Large flower field of 14,000 2  with different kinds of flowers such as lavender, purple gun, sunflowers, orchids, roses, drug scallops, imitation gold star, comb, heath …

Ms. Vo Ha Anh Tu (42 years old, owner of the flower garden) said she loves flowers. To satisfy her passion, she has traveled to many parts of the country to collect and learn how to plant beautiful flowers. After that, she returned to Saigon to experiment and create this flower garden.

“I want to bring a space for the people of Saigon to relax, away from the haze, noise, and bustle of the city. I feel very happy that many people like and come to my flower garden to visit, relax “, Ms. Tu shared.

Young people come here to both immerse themselves in a peaceful space and have brilliant photos with famous flowers of Dalat.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh (24 years old, Binh Thanh district) shared: “Knowing about the flower fields through social networks, I and my family came here to watch the flowers and take souvenir photos. I did not expect that there was one in Saigon. The flower garden is as brilliant as Dalat. I will come back here with my friends and relatives many times. “

In addition, the garden owner has also invested in building more homestays to meet the needs of visitors. Next time, the garden owner plans to plant more clean vegetables for visitors to visit, pick and bring them by themselves. 

The colorful miniatures decorated at the flower garden make many people excited

Bui Thi Tuyet Mai’s family (Di An, Binh Duong) took her children to the flower garden to have fun

Countryside space with lilies pond located next to the Saigon River

On weekends, the children are brought to a flower garden to play by their families

The flower garden with an area of ​​14,000m2 is located on the Saigon River in the full bloom season

Gardeners water the plants early in the morning to make the flowers bloom beautifully

A romantic flower garden scene like Da Lat with homestays for guests to relax while visiting

Flower garden with many types

The medicinal herb garden bloomed and gave off a rich scent attracting everyone to watch

Group of friends happily took souvenir photos with colorful flower beds – Photo: NHAT THINH

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