Hanoi Opera House is “transformed” by 3D mapping in the Christmas music party: Open to the public freely
thamnguyen99 23-12-2020, 15:28

Music program to celebrate Christmas – Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party will take place from 20:00 on December 24 to 0:00 on December 25, 2020, at Revolution Square of August, Hanoi Opera House.

Made at Christmas and before the New Year, the program is a special spiritual gift to the public and international friends who are living and working in Vietnam to temporarily forget their worries and troubles. late 2020 full of difficulties and volatility and the same hope for a brighter new year 2021.

Inspired by the timeless musical emotions of the 70s and 80s, combined with modern trends, the program promises to bring New – Novelty – Unique experiences to the public of all ages. 

Participating in the program, the audience will be immersed in the space of an artistic Christmas party, blending deep nostalgia, exciting youthful resurrection moments to youthful melodies. Modern, explosive with the joy of Christmas and the New Year is coming.

Talking about the music of the 70s and 80s, it is impossible not to mention famous names like Abba, Modern Talking, Boney M., Wham … with the cult songs associated with the childhood of many 6x. , 7x, 8x such as: Happy New Year, Last Christmas, River of Babylon, Gotta go home, You’re My Heart You’re My Soul, Gimme Gimme Your Loving, We wish you a Merry Christmas …

Now, those legendary tunes will be heard again reminiscent in the Christmas music program Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party through the performances of many foreign and Vietnamese artists.

In particular, the emerging names of Rap Viet 2020 such as Tlinh, Gonzo, Thanh Draw will also appear and bring a series of “hit” series such as Love and Mask, Rap game, Dragon snake on the cloud , … Along with Meanwhile, the participation of DJ Trang Moon and the Cannes Dance Group will contribute to an emotional uplifting music party

According to the organizers, Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party consists of 3 main parts: Performing songs from the 70s-80s, Vietnamese Rap Performance and DJ Mashup Performance, 3D Mapping performances, lighting performances.

Hanoi Opera House is “transformed” by 3D mapping in the Christmas music party: Open to the public freely

Representative of the organizers, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet, director of Hanoi Opera House, said: ” Music is always the factor that provokes the most emotions for people, from simple daily sadness to happiness. difficult to put into words.2020 is a year of volatility, even a difficult year for many people.But as the time to turn to the new year approaches, now is the right time to look back, to see how all of us have tried and tried to overcome those difficulties. I hope the program will be an event that brings many vivid memories and positive belief in the future. “

Mr. Le Quoc Vinh, Executive Chairman of Le Group cum Project Director, said: ” In the context of the epidemic occurring in many countries around the world, Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party is a bright spot for us to End 2020 and welcome the new year with more joy, however, we still want to emphasize a message to young people that remember to bring a mask so we can enjoy a full night of music. together “.

The program Hanoi Retro & Rap Xmas Party is open freely from 19:00 for the public to attend, is broadcast live, posted on media and mass media.

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