Bánh tẻ ​​​​​​​
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with Chef Le Đuc Hải from Ngon Garden Restaurant in Ha Noi

Bánh tẻ ​​​​​​​
Banh tẻ

Banh tẻ (rice cake with minced pork, onions, wood ears fillings)

Ingredients (for four servings)

– Ordinary [non-sticky] rice flour: 200 gr

– Pork shoulder: 150 gr

-Wood ear: 3 pieces

– Mushrooms: 6 gr

– Dried onion: 2 pieces

– Cooking oil: 10 gr

– Broth mix: 10 gr

– Pepper: 10 gr

– Salt: 5 gr

– Banana leaves: 50 gr

– Bamboo string: 10 pieces

Chef Le Đuc Hải


* Fillings:

– Mince the pork and onions. Cut the wood ears and mushrooms into pieces.

– Fry the onion in cooking oil then put the minced pork, salt, and broth mix into the pan and stir-fry for five minutes before adding the wood ears and mushrooms to the pan and cooking for a further 5-7 minutes.

* Rice flour:

– Put the ordinary [non-sticky] rice flour in a big bowl with 800 ml water, 5 ml of cooking oil, 1 tbsp of broth mix, and salt, stir well then let it sit in a cool place for 2 hours.

– Put the flour into a pot, cook it over a light flame while regularly stirring so it does not stick. When the flour is dense, continue to stir for two more minutes to ensure it is well cooked.

* Wrapping the cake

– Cut the banana leaves to 20 cm by 30 cm each and quickly dip them in boiling water before allowing to dry.

– Put two pieces of banana leaves on top of each other and wrap the cake by scooping the cooked dough onto the leaves then putting the mixed filling over it before wrapping.

– Tie it with a bamboo string.

– The cake should be steamed for 15-20 minutes.

– The cake is tastier when eaten with chili sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce.

You can enjoy banh tẻ and 50 other tasty dishes at Buffet Chillout at Ngon Garden Restaurant, 70 Nguyễn Du Street, Ha Noi.

The buffet is open from  7 to 10am every Saturday and Sunday at Ngon Garden Restaurant. VNĐ185,000 for adults, half-price for children, and free for children under 1.1 metres tall.

Discounts are available during the month when ordering via the hotline 0902 226 224. For example, “Buy 3, Get 1”. VNS

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