7 pink churches attracting visitors in Vietnam and around the world
tranthuy02 7-12-2020, 10:48

In addition to Tan Dinh Church, which is famous for Vietnamese, there are many pink churches around the world that captivate visitors.

7 pink churches attracting visitors in Vietnam and around the world
Tan Dinh Church in TP. HCM City, Vietnam. As one of the oldest churches in the city. HCM City, the project was built in 1870, under the supervision of Father Donatien Éveillard. The work was built in Gothic, Roman and Renaissance architectural styles with characteristic pink. In June 2020, Conde Nast Traveler travel magazine put Tan Dinh church on the list of 10 most beautiful pink destinations in the world. Photo: Nitsawan Katerattanakul / Shutterstock
Danang Cathedral , Vietnam is located among modern buildings. This is the only church built in Da Nang during the French colonial period. On the top of the church there is a gray chicken statue, so the church has another name is the Con Ga church. Photo: japinamai821 / Instagram
Chesme Church in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has Gothic architecture with the shape of a giant wedding cake. The church is located at the southernmost tip of the city, quite a distance from famous attractions. The church was built under Catherine the Great next to the Chesme Palace – the resting place of the queen while moving between Saint Petersburg and the Summer Palace at Tsarskoe Selo. This is a place that many Russians and foreign visitors visit thanks to its unique architecture, different from the rest of the churches here. Photo: Trung Nghia Vo
Kemi Church in Kemi town, Finland, seems to come out of a fairy tale. This Gothic Revival church, designed by architect Josef Stenbäck, completed in 1902. The building in the middle of the town is a bright spot for sparsely populated areas and tourists. Photo: misikupcik / Instagram
Huguanot Church in South Carolina, USA is the oldest Renaissance Gothic church in this area. Built in 1844, the church is certified as one of the nation’s National Historic Sites. Photo: thepinkfiggy / Instagram
Trient Church is located in the middle of the Trient valley, in the majestic Alps. From the church you can see glaciers in the mountains. Photo: fotoryd_ / Instagram
Fanxico Annunciation Church located in Prešernov Square, Ljubljana, Slovenia has the style of Baroque architecture. Its prominent location on the square and opposite the Ljubljanica river makes it a very popular church for tourists visiting the Slovenian capital. Photo: globetrottingsu / Instagram