Tuna eye: Phu Yen specialty is delicious and nutritious
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Phu Yen land attracts many tourists coming not only because of the peaceful beauty, the blue sea, the white sand, the yellow sun, but also the famous specialties in this place called “Nau land”. Including tuna eyes – a rather strange but extremely delicious and nutritious dish that many diners love.

This is one of the specialties of Nau that you must try when coming to this place. Let Vietnam Travel discover this delicious and delicious dish!

Tuna eye: Phu Yen specialty is delicious and nutritious
Tuna eye is one of the famous specialties in Phu Yen

Tuna eye – a specialty of Phu Yen

Tuna’s eyes,  hearing the name, have a bold sea, but if you are not from the sea, it will be difficult to guess this is a dish and if you know this is a dish, it is really not anyone. also brave to try it from the first time.

In fact, this is a specialty dish of Nau , this dish has been associated with Phu Yen culinary life for a long time. It is the people of Phu Yen who have created the method of fishing for tuna fish (also known as the humpback fish) – a large fish living in warm waters, the fish meat is very nutritious and delicious. Fisheye is very large and contains many nutrients.

The dishes made from the tuna eyes are delicious and nutritious

In the process of processing fish, people often focus on taking the meat and discard the other parts, but after discovering the fisheye processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes, they used this special ingredient a lot. than. And gradually tuna has become a familiar dish and one of the famous specialties of Phu Yen land.

In 2014, this dish was also voted by the Association of Records to be in the top 10 most famous seafood specialties of Vietnam.

Tuna eyes are very large in size and want to be delicious and need to be processed immediately

The nutritional value of tuna eyes in Phu Yen

A tuna fish has a size up to 40-60 kg / fish, that’s why the tuna’s eyes are very large, the size of a rice bowl or more. The eyes of the tuna are very bright and can be seen from a distance, so it is also compared to the “headlight” of the sea.

Tuna eyes Phu Yen  healthy? Very nutritious because it contains a lot of valuable nutrients, including omega-3, DHA and many vitamins and minerals that help increase metabolism, good for young brains, help brighten eyes and Strengthen the body.

Stewed tuna eyes contain a lot of nutritional value

The delicious dishes are made from tuna

Processing delicious tuna eyes without being fishy and greasy also requires a lot of skill and skill of the cook and wants to do so, the tuna after being caught on the shore must be preliminary. Cook now to keep fresh. The fisheye removes all the excess, keeps only the eyeballs and is processed immediately.

There are many dishes made from the eyes of tuna, such as steaming, cooking hot pot, cooking porridge, braising pickles, and more especially, the pot is potable herbs.

The eyes of Phu Yen tuna in traditional Chinese medicine are very fragrant and nutritious

Talking about tuna’s eyes , this is a famous dish of Nau country. The fish eyes are cleaned, seasoned with onion, garlic and chili to absorb and put in a small bowl the size of a rice bowl, add some Chinese herbs such as goji berries, jujube …, take away. Stew until the ankle is soft and the medicinal herbs release all the nutrients so that they can be eaten

The finished product is a very attractive dish that is both delicious and nutritious. The sweetness, the fatty taste of the broth, the greasy taste of the fish meat at the bottom of the eye, served with raw vegetables, crispy rice paper, sprinkled with a little spicy pepper or a bit of fragrant simmering, then forget the way home. When enjoying the food, people also burn alcohol under the earth so that the dish is always hot, avoiding fishy and greasy.

The way to cook the tuna eye is very meticulous and meticulous

Honestly, walking along the central land strip, the vast seafood and tuna eyes of Phu Yen are not the only ones, but its taste when eaten once will be difficult to forget. Therefore, it has become a specialty dish of Nau that any visitor wants to experience when traveling to Phu Yen . Seeing is not equal to seeing, but especially the food must be enjoyed firsthand to see all the charm of this dish and then fall in love with it.

Where to eat delicious tuna Phu Yen’s eyes?

Tuna eye  is one of the most familiar dishes in Phu Yen, so coming here you will find many places to enjoy this attractive dish. However, the most famous one is Ba Tam restaurant located at 287 – 289 Le Duan, City. Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen.

In addition, you can visit a seafood restaurant at Dam O Loan tourist site or Sala Tuy Hoa restaurant to enjoy. These are all famous eateries that are loved by many diners and choose when they want to enjoy delicious and nutritious tuna eyes. The price of this dish is not too expensive, but also very cheap and is only about 40,000 VND – 60,000 VND / bowl, you can enjoy this famous dish.

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