4 typical snacks of Hai Phong
thamnguyen99 3-12-2020, 15:26

If you have time to visit the port land in a day, you should try the crab cakes, Chinese cakes, Banh Beo, and snails.

The city of red phoenix flowers in recent years has continuously attracted visitors thanks to its unique cuisine. Let’s take a look at the snacks you cannot miss when coming to Hai Phong.

Crab cakes

If in Hanoi, diners can constantly encounter beef pho, but in port land that is crab cakes. Called the crab cakes, but such a bowl of rice cakes requires a lot of filling to create a standard dish. A full bowl of rice usually has red rice cakes, crab bricks, rolls of betel leaves, spring rolls, shrimp, fat tart, dried onion, water spinach, sometimes boiled pork.

Reference addresses: 48 Lach Tray (25,000 – 30,000 VND / bowl).

4 typical snacks of Hai Phong
Visitors will surely be impressed when they see the bowl of rice cakes filled with attractive colors. Photo: @kimmiesayscheese


The port city is dubbed the “paradise” for snail gourmets. Hai Phong snail has become so famous because of the diversity of the processing methods of snails. Snails can be boiled with fish sauce, garlic butter sauce, egg butter sauce, tamarind sauce, …

Address of reference: Oc Thuy Duong – Lane 263 Lach Tray (average price 50,000 – 100,000 VND / person).

Train casters

This is a dish that sounds quite strange to many tourists. A bowl of Chinese cake includes chopped cake, papaya cut with pomegranate seeds, with deep-fried shrimp and meat. Then they are mixed with sour vinegar fish sauce.

Reference address: 189H Hai Ba Trung (12,000 VND / bowl). Although the famous Chinese cake shop here is just neatly located on the sidewalk, it is always filled with customers in and out.

The ship cast Hai Phong has been introduced many times on television thanks to its unique and unique flavor. Photo: @kimmiesayscheese

Duck cake

Having the same name as many other types of banh beo in Central Vietnam, but Hai Phong banh beo is completely different. The banh beo here is quite similar to the banh gio, made from rice flour with the filling of fried onion, pork, and wood ear. The cake is poured into a banana leaf mold for steaming. After that, the onion was put on top.

Reference address: Banh beo May – 64 Chu Van An (15,000 – 36,000 VND / person).

Hai Phong water fern is often served with the same dipping sauce used for rolls, served with meatballs and rolls. Photo: @kimmiesayscheese