Saigon 3D Painting Museum – a virtual living paradise of thousands of likes, a lot of young people check-in
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Saigon 3D Painting Museum is the ideal place to live virtual with super beautiful, super-cool pictures with lovely animals and unique space and background. If you are planning to explore this famous museum in Saigon with your friends, please refer to the following article.

Where is the 3D painting museum in Saigon? 

Saigon 3D Painting Museum also known as Artinus is located at 2 and 4, street 9, in the Him Lam urban area, Tan Hung ward, district 7, Saigon. This is an art museum with the themes of 3D painting and the first 3-dimensional Object in our country. 

Visiting this museum when traveling to Saigon, you will have interesting experiences and keep beautiful pictures, immerse yourself in the interior world, emotional flower festivals. Artimus Museum is the ideal destination for sightseeing, entertainment to relax after moments of work, study stress and fatigue.

Saigon 3D Painting Museum – a virtual living paradise of thousands of likes, a lot of young people check-in
The Saigon 3D painting museum is also known as Artinus

Opening time and ticket price to visit Saigon 3D paintings museum

Open time:

– The museum is open from 9:00 – 17:00 (from Monday to Friday)

– Holidays are open from: 9am – 7pm

Ticket prices to visit the Saigon 3D painting museum depend on the subjects, as follows:

– Adults: Ticket price 200,000 VND / person (from Monday to Friday) and 250,000 VND / person (Saturday and Sunday, Tet holidays).

 -Children (under 18 years old), disabled people, people over 80 years old and groups of over 10 people have ticket prices: 100,000 VND (weekdays from Monday to Friday) and 150,000 VND (weekends and Tet holidays).

– Free entrance fee to museum for children under 90cm.

The 3D painting museum has an admission fee

How to move to the Saigon 3D paintings museum

Artinus Saigon 3D painting museum is about 15km from the city center, with this relatively close distance you can choose from many different ways to move:

– For those who are far away, you can go by plane, train, bus … to Saigon. Air ticket price ranges about 1-2 million VND to Tan Son Nhat airport, bus ride to East bus station. When you come to Saigon you can take a taxi, bus or motorbike taxi to go to the 3D painting museum. Take the bus with lines 139, 14, 38, 09 and 68 stop at Lotte supermarket to walk to the museum. If you want to take the initiative in travel time, you can rent a motorbike with a girl ranging from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND / depending on the type of vehicle.

– If you go to the museum of 3D paintings in Ho Chi Minh City from the center of Saigon city, take a taxi or motorbike in the direction of Ong Lanh bridge -> turn right along Hoang Dieu street -> turn left at the intersection of Khanh Hoi street -> go Cross Kenh Te Bridge -> to Nguyen Thi Thap – Nguyen Huu Tho intersection -> turn right onto Road 9 near Him Lam Bridge.

How to move to the Saigon 3D paintings museum

What is interesting to explore Saigon 3D painting museum? 

What does Artinus painting museum have ? 3D painting is a type of art that is painted on ceilings, walls and is shaded with many transparent, multi-dimensional paint colors combined with the reflection of light to create vivid pictures. The paintings at the Artinus museum are painted directly on the walls, from lacquer paintings and of moderate height to deceive human vision. It is the reflection of light, the picture will appear extremely vivid and bring a lot of emotional experience to the viewer.

Live 3D paintings at the museum are reproduced

Interesting experiences that you should not miss when exploring Saigon 3D painting museum :

– Visiting the museum Artinus Museum includes 9 regions corresponding to the various topics, matching each object all out as a vivid picture colorful. Visiting a 3D painting museum, visitors will have memorable moments and have an interesting tour.

Take pictures with angel wings

– Strange House Zone: This is a strange house that attracts tourists, when entering the Strange House Zone, visitors will feel themselves big. Visiting this place, visitors will have many interesting experiences from one interesting to another, you can feel like you are floating in the air or small in the palm of a giant.

Supernatural virtual living space at 3D museum

– Vietnam Zone: What to play at the Saigon 3D paintings museum ? Coming to this area, visitors will admire familiar images of the beautiful people of Vietnam. These are terraced fields of the Northwest, Ha Long Bay of world natural heritage, ancient Hue city, west of the river and especially the image of a girl in a ao dai with the height of 8m.

Take pictures at the ocean world zone

– Aqua Zone: This area is 3D art of the world of aquatic animals such as dolphins, sharks, whales … Aqua Zone is the ocean world with many discoveries. interesting discovery, you will feel like you are “lost” in the middle of the ocean.

Enough of super beautiful and super-cool virtual living corners

– Animal Zone: Visit this area, you will be virtual and admire the same pictures about the animal world, wild nature such as: leopard, bear, tiger, lion, elephant, rhino, horse, spirit poplar, giraffe …

Nice setting to take pictures in 3D museum

– Egypt Adventure Zone: Coming to Egypt Adventure Zone, visitors will have the opportunity to transform into famous characters in famous movies set from Egypt such as: Ancient Tomb, Pyramid … mystery.

In addition, coming to the Saigon 3D painting museum, visitors can also explore many interesting places such as: Fantasy Zone, magical and mysterious world such as fairyland, Giant Zone world of giants, MasterPiece. Zo world of world-famous painters, Love Zone love garden is extremely romantic with space for Noel, birthday, valentine, Halloween, …

Beautiful photography space is loved by tourists

Notes when visiting Saigon 3D paintings museum 

Visiting Artinus Saigon Museum, please keep the following notes for an interesting discovery:

– You will not be allowed to bring food and drink into the museum.

– Opening time all year round, including holidays.

– Shoes must be stored in the locker and cannot be brought into the museum.

– To take beautiful pictures, you should go to Photo Points in the museum.

– Do not buy tickets to the museum online because it is easy to buy scam tickets.

– Fully charge the battery before entering the museum and should bring the camera. 

– Follow the regulations of the museum and do not arbitrarily damage the paintings on the wall. 

Bring your passport and identity card.

– Can bring scarves, clothes, accessories to take pictures. 

Above is the whole experience of going to Saigon 3D painting museum to explore interestingly , hoping to provide useful information for your upcoming trip and own a beautiful photo album to live virtual.

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