5 Northwest specialties
hanguyen0409 30-11-2020, 08:16

Stone moss, bananas, giant greens, mint leaves, and basil are forest vegetables that have become specialties in the Northwest highlands.

5 Northwest specialties
Moss after picking will be cleaned to remove impurities. Photo: Huu Long

Stone moss grows in streams in the areas of Van Chan, Nghia Lo (Yen Bai), Tuan Giao, Muong Cha (Dien Bien), Xuan Son (Phu Tho), Lai Chau (along Da River) …

Not all mosses are edible. “Delicious stone moss is usually selected in the period from October to December every year in the upstream stream, the water is clear, the moss grows long, and feels cool to the touch”, Ms. Phung Thi Xa (46 years old), village Khu Lap, Xuan Son, Tan Son, Phu Tho said. Moss will be cleaned of impurities right along the stream.

Stone moss can be sauteed with garlic or wrapped in banana leaves, roasted on a charcoal stove, or steamed, boiled, made salad … Stone moss has a characteristic sweet taste. The dishes from stone moss also have the effect of circulating blood, detoxifying, cooling, lowering blood pressure …

Hoa ban is like the soul of the Northwest mountains. In the spring, the flowers bloom in the sky, providing a beautiful view of the mountains and forests. In addition to the blooming, bananas are also skillfully processed by Thai girls into delicious dishes for guests.

The leaves and flowers can both be used to blow sticky rice, stir-fry, cook soup or make a salad. According to the sharing of people, after picking flowers, bananas are treated with hot water before cooking. The dish made from Ban flowers has a sweet and fragrant flavor.

Big spinach has cool properties, so dishes made from vegetables can aid in cooling. Photo: Luan Minh

Giant greens are shaped like ferns. This vegetable grows wild on the edges of forests and along streams, often sold in the Northwest market.

Giant vegetables are cool, so the dishes made from these vegetables can assist in cooling during hot weather, the mucus in the leaves has a laxative effect and soothes back pain. The way to prepare this dish is also quite simple, can be fried or made a salad.

Along the way to the Northwest provinces, tourists can easily see along the two sides of the road, people sell bunches of giant vegetables at the price of about 60,000 VND / kg.

Clumping trees often grow in forests. The leaves have a sour taste. People in the Northwest often cook with fish or simmer.

Sturgeon are wild vegetables that can be boiled or stir-fried. Photo: TH

Sturgeon is a wild plant that grows in newly burned fields or fields or wasteland. The lettuce has a slightly bitter taste, but after eating it, you will find a cool sweet taste on the tip of your tongue. This vegetable can be processed into many dishes such as stir-fry, cook soup, boiled or dip hot pot.