Wild sunflowers paint Dien Bien province bright yellow
hanguyen0409 30-11-2020, 02:22

With winter fast approaching, Dien Bien province is increasingly becoming covered by brilliant yellow and splendid Da Quy flowers, also known as wild sunflower or Tithonia diversifolia, allowing visitors to the northwestern region to admire the spectacular beauty on offer.

Dien Bien province is famous nationwide for Hoa Ban, also known as the Bauhinia variegata flower. However, few are aware of Da Quy flowers which have been lighting up various corners of the northwestern region in recent times.
The nation’s northwestern region offers an impressive scene for visitors in early winter due to the bright-yellow colour emitted by Da Quy flowers.
Tourists that travel on road from Hanoi to Dien Bien province typically go through Pha Din Pass, giving them a breathtaking view of carpets of Da Quy flowers.

Due to its bright-yellow colour, Da Quy flowers in bloom are unmissable along the winding roads throughout the northwestern mountainous region, serving to greatly beautify the area.
Da Quy only bloom once a year in November and early December.
During their blooming season, the flowers are seen everywhere, including on roads or hillsides.
The wild sunflowers appear like miniature suns which give off warm rays of light during cold winter days.