Tet Hoa of the Cong ethnic group in La Cha
duonghanhnguyen 28-11-2020, 14:16

DIEN BIEN In two days 23 – 24/11, the Cong ethnic group in La Cha village, Pa Tan commune (Nam Po district) celebrated the Chinese New Year.

Chicken Crested Tet Festival, also known as Tet Hoa, according to the language of the Cong ethnic group called Mien Loong Sanc Ai, is one of the eight national intangible cultural heritages of Dien Bien province. This year, Chinese New Year falls on the 15th anniversary of Vietnam’s Cultural Heritage Day.

Tet Hoa of the Cong ethnic group in La Cha is a cultural feature, affirming the process of formation, existence and development of the national cultural identity, including ancestral worship and polytheistic beliefs. The Chinese New Year is not only to give thanks to the gods and ancestors who have given good weather, good crops, health, and luck for everyone, but also an opportunity to pray for the seasons, bless, pray for fortune, pray for peace. New Year. This is also an opportunity to send wishes for a peaceful, prosperous and happy life through the priest’s vows on behalf of the families in the village.

Tet Hoa of the Cong ethnic group in La Cha
Cong ethnic women pick chicken crest flowers. Photo: Van Thanh Chuong

The Chinese New Year of the Cong includes the ceremony and the festival. The ceremony is held at the home of the priest or the head of the family, then each family will return to the altar of their family’s ancestors. The festival is held with many cultural activities, sports and folk games with many features …

During the Tet holidays, the whole people jubilantly in the festival atmosphere, they hold hands in unity dance and sing traditional folk tunes together and dance, sing and throw seeds of paddy and corn all over. The surrounding space wished that the village would enter a new year, everything would proliferate and flourish.

The priest is performing a ceremony for his grandson beside the rice bowl “to worship the soul”. Photo: Van Thanh Chuong

From early morning, each family sent people to pick chicken crest flowers. The people who are sent to pick must be women. They choose to bring the most beautiful crest flowers to worship and decorate their homes.

People will choose pigs and chickens as offerings. Pigs and chickens, before doing the rituals, are brought to the healers’ homes to “make” reports to gods and ancestors. To “worship the soul” for family members, the Cong people put rice and eggs in a bowl with candles. A bowl of this type is also placed in the sticky rice bowl and is given a vow by the physician to wish for happiness and prosperity. The priest will also “worship the soul” to the dignified grandson, who is expected to continue the worship in the future.