Motorcycle rental addresses in Dak Nong
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Renting a motorbike in Dak Nong is the most self-sufficient form of transportation chosen by many young people. Because it helps you take the initiative in time to explore famous landmarks here. And to help you have more easy choices, follow this article to share the reputable motorcycle rental addresses in Dak Nong, the best price.

The most prestigious motorcycle rental addresses in Dak Nong

1. Gia Nghia motorbike rental shop

If you are looking for a cheap and quality motorbike rental address in Dak Nong,  you should consider going to Gia Nghia motorcycle rental store. With a convenient location, located right on the main road, the road to Dak Nong province, so it is not too difficult to find a store. According to tourists who have arrived in Dak Nong and used to rent a car here, all rated the quality quite good, from the price, the quality of the car, to the attitude of the service staff, … are always satisfied. row. And this is also the factor that makes the Gia Nghia motorbike rental shop successful more and more popular with customers.

In particular, the store is also enthusiastic 24/24, so visitors here can book a car rental anytime. But to avoid wasting time and have your car checked more thoroughly, you should call to reserve the car in advance with the store. You can go to the pick up place, or you can ask the staff to deliver the car to the address you need.

Gia Nghia motorbike rental shop address: Located at 126 Tong Duy Tan, Nghia Thanh, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 098 974 1659 – 0989 230 877

Motorcycle rental addresses in Dak Nong
Picture of Gia Nghia motorbike rental store
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2. Rent a motorbike at Vuong Ha Hai store

Among the famous motorcycle rental addresses in Dak Nong , Vuong Ha Hai shop is also a place where many tourists are interested. Because the store has many different types of vehicles for you to choose from, from digital cars to scooters, there are enough, with different prices. Depending on your preferences and habits, you can choose a car that suits your needs. The plus point for the restaurant is that the vehicles are regularly maintained, so the quality of the car is very good, you can rest assured to move during your trip to Dak Nong .

Vuong Hai Ha store address: Located at 143 Hung Vuong, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 098 923 0877

Types of rental cars at Vuong Hai Ha car rental store

3. Motorbike rental at Thong Xanh hotel

Not only a famous accommodation, but also Thong Xanh hotel also provides motorbike rental in Dak Nong again. With the main purpose of serving customers at the hotel at first, but later on, the demand for car rental is increasing, so Thong Xanh hotel has expanded. Here, not only with many types of cars, with many models for you to freely choose, but the price is also extremely cheap, only from 80k – 130k / car / day (depending on the type of vehicle). 

The price is cheap but the quality of the car is not in dispute, because it looks quite new, due to regular maintenance, periodically, to ensure absolute safety for customers when using the hotel’s motorbike. In addition, at Thong Xanh hotel also offers short-term and long-term car rental, depending on your needs, you can talk directly with the staff at the hotel. The staff here is quite energetic and enthusiastic, always open to customers, so it is very popular with everyone. Therefore, this is also Reputable motorbike rental in Dak Nong  you should consider.

Thong Xanh hotel address: Located at 108, 23/3 Street, Nghia Trung, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 0501 354 3159

Check-in after renting a motorbike at Thong Xanh hotel

4. Rent a motorbike at Hoang Gia Hotel

You are wondering which motorbike rental address in Dak Nong is the best price, the most stable car quality? So go to Hoang Gia Hotel – One of the addresses receiving the most positive feedback in Dak Nong. The vehicles here are considered quite new, but the price is very reasonable, helping you save a small amount when traveling to Dak Nong. In addition, professional service style always creates absolute trust with customers. Therefore, many tourists arriving in Dak Nong look to the Royal Hotel to rent a car.

Address of Royal Hotel: Located at 4 Quang Trung, Nghia Tan, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 0501 354 5088

Car rental companies at Hoang Gia Hotel

5. Rent a motorbike at Thien Van Hotel

Where should I rent a motorbike in Dak Nong? Thien Van is one of the ideal suggestions. Located in a central location and close to famous places in Dak Nong, Thien Van Hotel receives the attention of many visitors. Not only come to search for accommodation but also come to book a motorbike rental to explore the beautiful scenery here. Motorbike rental service at Thien Van Hotel is highly appreciated by many people with good service quality, smooth and stable motorbikes, with a variety of vehicles and the price is not too expensive, very suitable for tourists. When renting a car here, customers will be fully equipped with hats, raincoats, … to ensure convenience throughout the journey.

Address Thien Van Hotel: Located at 206 Quang Trung, Nghia Tan, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

Telephone: 0501 3547 666

Thien Van Hotel – Address for cheap motorbike rental in Dak Nong

Notes when renting a motorbike in Dak Nong

Besides  the above addresses for motorbike rental in Dak Nong  , you need to know some information and note the following:

The price of motorbike rental in Dak Nong ranges from 80k – 350k / car / day, depending on the value of the vehicle. But most tourists who come here often rent cars with prices from 100 – 130k already have digital cars or scooters like Airblade.
Renting a car for a long time will be cheaper or you can actively negotiate the price with the owner.
Check the vehicle before exiting the store such as: Mirrors, horns, threads, brakes, …. If the damage is done, notify the owner immediately for a change. This ensures safety while moving and avoids trouble returning the car.
Remember to ask the shopkeeper where the address to refuel and go to refuel. Because most cars are delivered to customers, only enough for short distances.
Remember to bring your identification and driving license if you do not want to have trouble with the traffic police in Dak Nong.

Bring your personal papers and driving license when renting a motorbike in Dak Nong

With the above useful information, hopefully you will soon find a suitable motorbike rental address in Dak Nong  for a convenient trip. Wish you have a fun and memorable trip to Dak Nong!

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