Discover Dalat of the Central Highlands – the town of Dak Mil
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Also located in the middle of mountains, but not Moc Chau – Da Lat of the Northwest, but in the Central Highlands, there is a place that is considered miniature Dalat – Dak Mil town. 

The pristine but majestic Central Highlands is what makes visitors always infatuated and infatuated with the scenery that comes here. In the middle of the immense Central Highlands, there is a destination to preserve the natural beauty, tranquility, hidden among the vast mountains and forests, which is the town of Dak Mil.

Dak Mil is suitable for those who want to find the wild, fresh weather to fall in love with the scenery ahead. With Luhanhvietnam, find Da Lat of the Central Highlands to discover what is special about this place. 

Location of Dak Mi town

Dak Mil is a small town in Dak Nong province, about 60km from Buon Me Thuot city. The scenery in this land is extremely unspoiled and poetic, nature favors the cool climate, so many tourists when arriving here have compared Dak Mil as “miniature Dalat in the middle of the Central Highlands”. 

Discover Dalat of the Central Highlands – the town of Dak Mil
Little Dalat in the middle of the Central Highlands

The right time to travel to Dak Mil

In Dak Mi, the temperature is relatively mild at all times of the year, so you can choose the right time to visit and relax. Dak Mil weather usually has two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. 

Because the tourism here is not yet developed, so the road still has much red basalt soil, if you want to move smoothly, you should go in the dry season, from November to April next year.

To Dak Mil at any time

How to move to Dak Mil?

Go by motobike

Motorbikes are also a common means of choice for many tourists when exploring the Dak Nong land  to admire more beautiful scenes. However, the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Dak Mi is about 300km, the road is quite long, so tourists should consider when choosing to move motorbikes if they are not strong enough. 

The motorbike route from Ho Chi Minh City to Dak Mil is as follows: Highway 13 – Binh Duong – turn right at the intersection of So Sao – Nguyen Van Thanh Street – Dong Xoai Town – Highway 14 – Bu Dang – Dak R’lap – Gia Nghia – Dak Mi. Currently, National Highway 14 has been rebuilt so the road is also easier to travel. 

Dak Mi by motorbike

Go by bus

If you do not have enough strength to ride a motorbike and want to be more convenient to travel, you can go by bus. Passenger car to Dak Mil about 7 hours with ticket price from 180,000 – 200,000 VND / person.

Bus ride to Dak Mil about 7 hours

Destinations should not be missed when coming to Dak Mil

Poetic West Lake

West Lake is a famous check-in spot that anyone visiting Dak Mil town will visit once. Located in the middle of the mountains and forests, covering the town, West Lake is like a young woman’s eyes, always sparkling and shining. The origin of West Lake was built by the French for a long time, up to now, it has been built and upgraded to have a more beautiful appearance. 

West Lake of Dak Mil is poetic

The road to West Lake with coffee trees scattered on both sides, is a red dirt road characterized by the Central Highlands. You can also take advantage of going deeper into ethnic villages to save better pictures when coming to West Lake. 

Road to West Lake with beautiful trees

On coffee days to harvest season, the aroma of coffee will float around the lake area. Coming to West Dak Mil Lake, in addition to watching the clear blue water and fresh scenery, you can also stroll along the lake, sit in a restaurant to enjoy a cup of coffee. Coffee in West Lake is rated very delicious, unique flavor, extremely dense for you to get rid of your worries.

West Lake poetic sunset
Take a relaxing walk by the lake

Immense pine hill

Not only the romantic green lake, another green color covering the town of Dak Mil  is the immense pine forest. The green pine forest makes Dak Mil no different from a miniature Dalat. 

The atmosphere in Dak Mil is always peaceful and quiet, the rhythm of life continues each day with the activities of the indigenous people. When you drive into the pine forest the view becomes even quieter, always chilly and fresh. If you love taking pictures, don’t miss a place like a pine hill. 

The pine hill is immense fresh

You can also come here during the blooming season, as brilliant as other famous tourist spots. The characteristic of the Central Highlands region and of Dak Mil is the days when the coffee flowers bloom, signaling the arrival of autumn. Coffee flowers spread in the air, flaming the entire town. 

The flowers bloom in the street

Hoa Nghiem Pagoda

In Dak Mil, there is also a famous spiritual tourist destination that tourists should not miss – Hoa Nghiem Pagoda. Hoa Nghiem Pagoda is located on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, known for being extremely sacred. 

The name of the temple is named after a set of sutras that the Buddha spoke. The scene of the pagoda is designed solemnly from the entrance gate, that is the design of the Tam Quan gate to the main hall, the lecture hall area. peaceful. 

Hoa Nghiem pagoda has a sacred reputation

The friendly and gentle people in Dak Mil town are always happy to welcome visitors here at any time of the year. Although not much tourism is developed, the wild beauty of miniature “Da Lat” makes this place more attractive. 

Coming to Dak Mi, in addition to the beautiful scenery, you can also experience the days of living with the people of the Central Highlands, discovering the typical culture, and breathing the fresh air. 

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