Mesmerizing river of cloud on Indochina s rooftop
duonghanhnguyen 24-11-2020, 00:49
Fansipan peak, known as the "the roof of Indochina", is covered with white clouds all year round. In early winter, the clouds floating around the mountain from dawn to dusk, creating a fairy scene of a cloud river embracing the highland. (Photo: Zing News)
With a height of 3,143 m, Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, also the first place mentioned in the list of the most beautiful cloud hunting locations in Vietnam. Standing at the top of the mountain, you can admire the clouds flowing into a river, floating right at your food, bringing a feeling of excitement as well as overwhelming. (Photo: Zing News)
The ideal time to admire the sea of clouds on the top of Fansipan is from October to April - the period that is fondly named "cloud season" by tourists. (Photo: Zing News)
Clouds almost covered the whole Hoang Lien mountain. (Photo: Zing News)
The Quan Yin statue in the Kim Son Bao Thang Tu complex faces the sea of clouds. (Photo: Zing News)
From the top of Indochina, visitors can capture the entire view of the cloud and mountain. (Photo: Zing News)
The moment of sunset on "Roof of Indochina" only lasts for a few minutes, when the pink, red, yellow, blue, and purple clouds appear on the horizon. (Photo: Zing News)
This is also the favorite time of landscape photographers. (Photo: Zing News)
When the night comes, Mount Fansipan becomes an ideal place for photographers to capture the galaxy thanks to the clear sky and fresh air that is not polluted by the city life. (Photo: Zing News)
On days with light winds, when dawn gradually comes, the cloud is gradually formed on the slopes of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, creating a landscape that looks like rivers. (Photo: Zing News)