Visiting Vuc Phun Phu Yen
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Phu Yen Vuc Phung is a place with beautiful and romantic scenery, so it is loved by many people. This is also one of the great destinations of Nau that, if you have the opportunity, please visit once to know.

1. Where is Phu Yen Spray Area located?

Vuc Phun is located in Da Den mountain range of Hoa My Tay commune, Tay Hoa district, Phu Yen province. This is a place where there are lush green forests and cliffs standing up to the sky, so looking down from above, you will feel extremely excited and surprised to be admired.

Visiting Vuc Phun Phu Yen
Vuc Phun is a famous destination of Phu Yen

In particular, this Phu Yen tourist destination also possesses poetic and rich natural scenery. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to explore, you must definitely take the time to visit Vuc Phun. Certainly, this will be one of the destinations to bring you many interesting and attractive things.

2. How to move to Spray Abyss

Phu Yen Vuc is located about 20km from the city center, so you will have 2 choices when you want to travel here. One is to go by motorbike if you want to explore more places. Second, you can choose a car if you are not familiar with the road. Both of these methods are very convenient without spending too much time and effort on your commute.

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You just need to go straight towards National Highway 1A to get to Phu Lam town area. Then, will continue to turn through Highway 29 to go up Da Den mountain. From here, going against the direction of the Banh Lai River to go straight upstream, you can see the majestic and poetic beauty of Vuc Phun mountain.

3. When should I visit Vuc Phun?

If you are wondering what season to visit Vuc Phun, choose the period from February to March. This is the best time for you to visit this place. In addition, you can go to Vuc Phun around April and May. This time is summer, so the natural scenery is very green and beautiful. 

The scenery at Vuc Phun is very beautiful and attractive

If you choose to go to Vuc Phun Phu Yen in the fall, you should consider and reconsider. Since it is very easy to get raining in autumn, traveling at this time will not be safe for you to travel. 

4. Attractive beauty of the Spray

The reason this place is called Vuc Phun is due to the geological structure of this area with very solid rock layers. Under the abyss are soft rock layers, which are eroded by time to form very deep pits. Because of these deep holes, when water flows upstream from the upstream, it creates a very beautiful scene that is the image of white foam erasing the entire sky. Thereby, the beauty of Phu Yen Vuc Phun even more mysterious and fuzzy. 

Many young people love to come here to explore

It seems that everything from nature to nature to the deep blue skies on the far horizon want to embrace this area. All have created an extremely majestic and attractive picture of nature. 

Especially, if you look down from above, you will find this abyss extremely thorny. It has large rocks with many unique shapes. Therefore, when watching, you will feel the fascinating beauty of this place.

This place has fresh air, green landscape, so many people love it when coming to explore

In addition, when coming to this Phu Yen place to visit, you can also participate in many interesting activities such as canoeing, mountain climbing … These are all great experiences that you should not miss when to Vuc Phun originating in Nau tourism. 

Some visitors coming here to explore also choose this tourist destination as a camping place and organizing an outdoor barbecue. Because when you come here, in addition to exploring the scenery of the mountains and forests, you can also feel the peace and quiet through interesting activities held at Vuc Phun. Therefore, this destination is really a great choice for those who want to travel to Phu Yen.

This Phu Yen destination will help you have an ideal space to rest, relax and explore

Phu Yen Vuc Not only is a famous destination for its attractive beauty, but it also becomes more attractive when people mention stories around it. These stories were associated with the creation of this place. Therefore, coming to Vuc Phun to visit, visitors will discover many new things. 

Here there are huge giant rocks

Many people often wonder what is Vuc Phun or what is beautiful? The answer will be answered that you just go and see. This place has a very poetic and poetic landscape. Therefore, when coming, you will be able to see the green forests interwoven in which are romantic streams with giant huge rocks. All have contributed to creating an extremely harmonious and beautiful picture. 

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The next thing that makes visitors feel excited when visiting Vuc Phun to travel is the mysterious and interesting things that the Black Rock mountain range brings. At Black Stone Mountain, visitors will discover a lot of different activities such as climbing, camping or bathing … These are all great experiences that anyone will enjoy. join.

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Especially, when arriving at this Phu Yen destination , you will feel the fresh and cool atmosphere of this place. Instead of the heat and stuffiness in the city, this place gives you coolness and relaxation.

5. Some tourist attractions of Phu Yen near Vuc Phun

Apart from destinations Field Spraying in Phu Yen , visitors will discover a lot of other tourist destinations in the land of brown as rock disc famous beautiful, dreamy green eyes or semolina flakes. In addition, there is Bo Ke in Ro hamlet, Dong Tac, also a famous Phu Yen destination that you can visit when you have the opportunity to explore here.

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All of these landmarks are very close to Vuc Phun. Therefore, it will be very convenient if you plan to be able to visit more places when having the opportunity to travel to Phu Yen. 

Hope the above sharing will help you understand more about Vuc Phun Phu Yen . Wish you have a fun and smooth trip to Phu Yen. 

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