Visiting Van Hoa Plateau Phu Yen – ‘The 2nd Dalat’ in Vietnamese soil
daitranvan 24-11-2020, 15:25

Previously, many people who came to Phu Yen tended to go to the sea, recently, Van Hoa plateau has emerged as a favorite destination because of the advantages of charming landscapes, in addition to the cool climate. The batch is very convenient for the 2nd “Da Lat” discovery trip on this land.

Phu Yen currently has 3 plateaus: Van Hoa plateau, An Xuan plateau, and Tra Khe plateau. In which, Van Hoa plateau lies in the golden triangle area of ​​three communes: Son Xuan, Son Long, Son Dinh; at an altitude of 400m, it is influenced by the oceanic climate, which is characterized by a lot of sunshine, wind, foggy clouds; Especially in the autumn, the climate on the plateau is lower than Tuy Hoa city, creating a chilly feeling like Da Lat.

Visiting Van Hoa Plateau Phu Yen – ‘The 2nd Dalat’ in Vietnamese soil
Van Hoa Phu Yen Plateau has fresh air, cool and extremely attractive landscape

Guide to the Van Hoa plateau

Time to travel to Van Hoa

The most appropriate time to visit Van Hoa Plateau is during Tet, when wildflowers are blooming on both sides of the road, making the scene as bright as it is romantic. 

Road to Van Hoa Plateau Phu Yen

About 40km from Tuy Hoa city in the North, drive from Tuy Hoa along National Highway 1A to the north to Hoa Da village, then turn left and follow DT 643 road back to the West about 25km to reach the plateau Van Hoa.

Road to Van Hoa plateau

Van Hoa Plateau – a romantic beauty on Phu Yen land

If you come to Van Hoa Plateau for the purpose of relaxation, you may not be completely satisfied with the service here, but to relax comfortably, breathe the fresh air, watch the beautiful mountain spaces and If you feel the human love permeates, do not miss this destination, to discover the peaceful wild beauty for yourself.

Van Hoa possesses a romantic and pure beauty

Being a fertile red basalt land, the Van Hoa Phu Yen plateau has immense green trees, many exotic trees as well as fruit trees such as avocado, bananas, industrial crops such as coffee and pepper. Highlights include the crunchy Don Market jackfruit and the fragrant pineapple, and the strawberry skin with beautiful fruit. In addition, the landscape of many lakes and waterfalls is very beautiful, the air is fresh and cool; It is an ideal destination for a weekend outing; Nothing less than a picnic in the French countryside or the Scottish highlands.

Pineapple and jackfruit are 2 specialty fruits here
Camp by Suoi Phen lake. Photo: Thanh Nhan

The sights of the Van Hoa Phu Yen plateau

– Beautiful, dreamlike roads: The DT643 road leading to Van Hoa is told by the media that it can make the hearts of the “wanderers” tremble. A stretch of more than 30 km through sugar cane fields and forests of lush green or yellow melaleuca forests in autumn, golden fields of corn, and greenness of cassava make anyone want to leave the city to go to the farm. Funny village garden landscape.

Coming to Van Hoa, you will experience romantic dreamlike roads. Photo: FB Nguyen Vo

– Pepper garden: Pepper garden with dozens of pepper stumps growing upright on sturdy cement pillars, entering here travelers like walking into a beautiful maze, not to mention the garden surrounded by mountains and valleys Green valley attracts the eyes.

Uncle Ho Church: Not only famous for charming scenery, this place is also a historical relic. Uncle Ho Church is built based on the image of stilt houses – A popular housing type of the Ede ethnic minority who has been living in Phu Yen plateau combined with the style of pillars and solid roofing tiles. featured in common housing architecture of the Kinh people.

Uncle Ho church relic

– Virtual live swing: Opposite to Uncle Ho church is a small water bar located in the valley, where there is a virtual live swing causing fever. You can sit and rest for a while during the journey, feel the sky high and wide, as if you could touch the dim mountains in the distance.

Lovely swing

– Ede village: The Ede people have lived for a long time in Van Hoa plateau, besides families who have built bricks, there are also many households that still keep the custom of living on stilts so come here do not miss the check point -in here!

– Tra Ke Church: Not as famous as the Lang Lang Church, Tra Ke Church – Van Hoa Phu Yen plateau still attracts visitors with its unique beauty. From a distance, the roof of the church is roofed with bright red tiles, standing out against the blue sky, looking both majestic and beautiful.

Red roof church in the blue sky. Photo: Traveloka

– Cho Don: This is the center of the district and a trading place of people around remote areas. Coming here, people not only buy and sell, but also have the opportunity to listen to each other’s stories and legends on this highland land.

– Ba Ha hydroelectric dam: Instead of the majestic water pouring down from above, the Ba Ha hydroelectric dam brings us a peaceful but no less romantic beauty with the dam covered. Small, beautiful white daisies on the green grass.

Photo: @n_chocomint

As one of the most remote tourist destinations of Phu Yen province, it is a little more difficult to return to the road topography, but also that has kept Van Hoa Phu Yen plateau quiet and wild. Therefore, if you really want to find an ideal place to relax, do not miss this Nut highlands.