Experience Phu Yen tourism with indigenous people
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After the great success of the movie “I see yellow flowers on green grass”, the image of a peaceful and peaceful Phu Yen has attracted the attention of many tourists. Therefore, let’s join Vinlove to follow in the footsteps of indigenous people to learn about Phu Yen travel experiences necessary for you to have the most memorable time.

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Means of transportation when traveling to Phu Yen

From City. HCM has many vehicles to choose from to start your journey to discover Phu Yen land such as plane, train, bus, or even motorbike if you have a lot of time. However, the reality shows that in Ho Chi Minh City, passenger cars are the most popular means, while in Hanoi, airplanes are still the most preferred choice.

If departing From City. Hcm:

Reasonable price: from 200,000 VND – 300,000 VND / person
Time: HCMC to Phu Yen bus route departs around 5:30 pm-7:00pm from Mien Dong bus station to Phu Lam intercity bus station, then you will move to Tuy Hoa city by bus .
The car manufacturers of Saigon – Phu Yen: Cuc Tu, Thanh Ban, Thanh Hue, Hang Kinh, Nam Rump, Thuan Thao, …

The traffic in Phu Yen is not as crowded as it is in Saigon, so a motorbike will be the most convenient to enjoy the cool sea breeze, spacious space and especially convenient for capturing the scenery. stunningly beautiful in Phu Yen. Come to the car rental shops on Tran Binh Trong Street, City. Tuy Hoa, you will easily rent a motorbike for the journey to explore Phu Yen with only VND 100k / day.

Sights when traveling to Phu Yen

Phu Yen is extremely favored by the mother of nature with a rich system of landscapes, everywhere in the forest, visitors must be amazed by the wonderful nature. According to locals, the following places, if not included in your Phu Yen tour  , are not yet fully rewarded with the taste of “Nư” – Phu Yen.

Vung Ro

I knew how to swim from a young age, so waving around in the water was nothing too strange. However, in Vung Ro, it was the first time that I was allowed to float my body in the blue Phu Yen sea so cool, for the first time I was the boundary of two worlds: looking up was clear blue sky, so tall; Face down in the water, my hand touched the coral, sometimes watching the small fish swarm.

Experience Phu Yen tourism with indigenous people

Vung Ro (Photo: ST)

Bai Mon- Cape Dien

It only takes 5 minutes to move from Vung Ro to Bai Mon – Mui Dien. One night, sleeping tents on the beach, singing with clams of friends under a starry starry sky, then falling asleep without knowing it. 

Then get up for the first time at 4am to catch the first rays of sunlight shining on this land. From the top of the lighthouse, it was as if we were watching a majestic show of nature, watching the sun from shyly rising from the deep blue ocean to the radiant high rise.

Bai Mon – Mui Dien (photo: ST)

Bai Xep

When it comes to Phu Yen tourist sites , Bai Xep cannot be missed. If the image of Phu Yen in your imagination is a peaceful village, with a herd of cows grazing, and kites stretching the wind, you must visit Bai Xep once for yourself. To drop your soul into the green color of the trees and trees, and one more step, before your eyes, is the scene of waves crashing against the cliffs, far away is white sand, sparkling under the golden sun.

Bai Xep (Photo: ST)

Thanh Luong Pagoda

It is a famous sacred pagoda in Yen land because Quan Am Buddha was floated from the sea to be worshiped by the abbot of Thanh Luong pagoda. The temple is a religious symbol praying for the calm sky, the sea of ​​fish and shrimp full of fishermen’s boats when reaching out to sea.

Thanh Luong Pagoda (Photo: ST)

Specialties not to be missed when traveling to Phu Yen

If each dish always has its own way to tell about the land and the people where people go, Phu Yen specialty has done this very well: the abundance of seafood, abundance of vegetables, and the skillful hands of people around here. We still say, ” Hometown specialties, anyone who has just let go of their chopsticks has craved for it “.

Tuna eyes

A cool evening in the heart of the city. In Tuy Hoa, we fell in love with the greasy fisheye taste, the sweetness of the apple all intensified with the spicy taste of chili. Tuna eyes are not only delicious, but also very healthy, and clear and clear.

Tuna’s eyes (Photo: ST)

Cake asked, porridge heart

The most picky dish for the morning of the country is probably the rice cake, the porridge with the crunchy of the pig’s heart, rolled in the cake soaked with chili fish sauce, and then sometimes add a spoonful of hot porridge. This place is also delicately eaten with raw vegetables to avoid getting sick.

Cake asked- porridge heart. (Photo: ST)

Bong fish congee

Phu Yen specialties are extremely rich, but can be found on a cage floating in the middle of the sea and enjoy fragrant porridge, supple skin, soft flesh melt on real tongue, which is left to remember in your heart. we.

Vung Ro Vung Ro Fish Congee Phu Yen (Photo: ST)

Seafood hotpot

Phu Yen specialty will not be complete without mentioning seafood such as: clam, oyster, shrimp, squid … and all those fresh gifts from nature combine with the variety of vegetables. has created an unforgettable taste in Phu Yen tourist journey .

Seafood hot pot Long Thuy Phu Yen (Photo: ST)