Wildflowers covered with gold in the hillside of Da Lat suburbs
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The empty land near Cam Ly waterfall area is where there are many wildflowers covered in the yellow ground – Photo: DUC THO

Da Lat and the districts at an altitude of 1,000m (above sea level) have just entered the sunny, dry weather, wild anemones bloom yellow all over the roads and hillsides.

Come to Da Lat to watch and take pictures with the barn, you do not go into the inner city with crowded houses. Also do not go to the flower-growing areas covered with greenhouses, where there is no room for rural flowers like wild anemones. 

Anemone needs spacious space, vast land, blue sky, yellow sunlight and clear, cool air in late autumn and early winter. 

Da Lat differs from many other tropical lands, which often rains when it comes to winter. Dalat’s winter is the most beautiful season of the year: it’s cold, dry, fresh, and sunny. Wild anemones but fastidious, must wait for heaven and earth in the beautiful season to be happy to bloom.

Farmers in Tu Tra commune (Don Duong district, Lam Dong province) go to work on a red dirt road on either side of the fence of wildflowers – Photo: DUC THO

The song of the golden season of the wild anemones in the highlands did not last long, about a month. Although it is small, it is enough for those who love the golden space to find it even in very far places. After a month of brilliant gold cover, they knelt back into the green foliage so that the highland land welcomes a new flower season, not brilliant but loving.

The road to Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourist Area (Da Lat City) still has wild flower hills – Photo: DUC THO

Compared with about 10 years ago, Da Lat and the surrounding areas lost a lot of immense space. The encroachment of greenhouses, of the enclosed houses from the inner city to the suburbs has tore up the deserted space. Spaces that could not be afforded any money eventually shrunk and vanish. 

The alms are now not in the city because of the stuffiness of the city. Empty valleys inside the inner city fill homes with homes. The banks that used to use wild crows as fences are now also cut off because greenhouses do not need to delimit land boundaries by fences. 

In the inner city, if there are yellow wild anemones, they are usually only small, isolated clumps. The kowtow blooming but accidentally pointed it out so that in a little while, it would be cut off to clear the soil.

Tuyen Lam Lake is even more beautiful thanks to wild flowers – Photo: DUC THO

Coming to Da Lat, do not ask where it is beautiful to capture anemones. It is difficult to locate areas of yellow flowers for you to see exactly as pointing you to tourist destinations. Can only tell you: “Just go to the suburbs, just go to the districts near Da Lat, keep going where the red soil has not been covered with greenhouses. Wherever you breathe, it feels cool, there is definitely a long running wild bank ”.

The small slope on An Binh Street is beautiful thanks to a fence of wild yellow flowers – Photo: DUC THO

The sports field of Dalat University is surrounded by wild flowers – Photo: DUC THO

The suburban districts of Da Lat like Duc Trong, Don Duong and even Bao Loc City (100km from Da Lat) have many wild flowery paths – Photo: DUC THO

The fence was wild in the suburbs of Dalat – Photo: DUC THO

The small road leading to the tomb of Nguyen Huu Hao public district is even more beautiful thanks to the adornment of the hedge of wild flowers – Photo: DUC THO

The scenery of Dalat becomes soft in the golden sunlight with yellow flowers – Photo: DUC THO

Wild anemones are most beautiful when blooming in large clusters or a long bank – Photo: DUC THO

The road leading to the small villages in the suburbs or on the outskirts of Dalat during the blooming wild season – Photo: DUC THO

In agricultural areas without greenhouses, there are still many wild flower hills, making everyone passing by also fascinated – Photo: DUC THO

Anemone is a flower that blooms when buying rain in the highlands has just stopped, Da Lat people consider it a sun leopard – Photo: DUC THO

The wild flower hill along Lien Khuong – Prenn highway is as beautiful as a picture – Photo: DUC THO

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