12 famous Binh Phuoc tourist destination not to be missed
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Perhaps for a lot of people, Binh Phuoc province was never on their list of places to play. People know that Binh Phuoc only knows that there are green pepper gardens, and there are cashew orchards full of fruit. 

However, they still do not know that Binh Phuoc still has many wild features, bold love letters, interesting nature that is waiting for you to discover.

Tourist places in Binh Phuoc Tourism

Bu Lach grassland

This is a large grassland with an area of ​​about 500ha including nearly 20 different large and small grassland. Coming to the clearing of the Creek, visitors will be amazed at the miraculous beauty that the Creator offers. 

Those are needle grass growing interwoven with flowers, making the scenery here more beautiful, so it is ten thousand times full of charm around there is also a primeval forest surrounded. Just looking at it, I really like the eyes, here you can dispel all the sorrow and fatigue that the feeling of being surrounded by nature.

 What a wonderful feeling. It can be said that compensated grassland is a tourist destination in Binh Phuoc with the largest lawn here. In the coming time, Bu Lach Trang Co will be planned as an ecotourism area combined with the school framework.

12 famous Binh Phuoc tourist destination not to be missed
The scenery of the Bu Lach Grassland

I’m Bom Bo

Soc Bom Bo is known by many people for the famous song “The famous baseball on Soc Bom Bo”. Soc Bom Bo, with the rhythm of pounding rice of the S’Tieng people, has entered poetry and history in the hearts of every person. 

Coming to this place, tourists will feel back to the vibrant years where the sounds of gongs combined with the sound of rice pounding in the pink fire, drinking wine and enjoying dishes famous food here. For sure, it will bring you unforgettable moments of experience for your sightseeing trip.

S’Tieng ethnic people pounding rice in Soc Bom Bo

Bu Gia Map National Park

Compensated National Park is also known as a primary remaining forest of Binh Phuoc province. This national park is also an attractive tourist destination for those who love to explore new wildlife, for those who love adventure. 

In addition, it is a place to conserve rare and precious plants, rare genetic resources of fauna and flora, along with the plant varieties on Vietnam’s special list. This is a forest with bold wild features, extremely rich in biodiversity resources.

 Bu Gia Gia is also known as a historical relic during the American resistance war. This place is associated with extremely fierce battles in the Southeast.

National park eco-tourism area in Binh Phuoc

Suoi Lam Lake

Suoi Lam Lake, this is the meeting place of small streams to make the surface of the lake clear and romantic in a charming way, around the lake there are many green trees all year round, shady, lined with straight trees. under the lake. 

The lake is about 10km from the center of Binh Phuoc province. You will be amazed to visit the beauty of this place with a peaceful beauty. Suoi Lam Lake has become a poetic tourist destination and very attractive to tourists. From a distance, visitors can see that Suoi Lam Lake has many similarities with Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat. 

The scenery here is very peaceful and unspoiled, suitable for a picnic, camping, fishing, enjoying attractive mountain specialties here. Coming to this place to enjoy the beauty of it, perhaps the afternoon scene here is the most interesting, At that time, the lake scenery was really quiet and beautiful, as beautiful as a picturesque picture. In the morning, dew on the surface of the reflective lake creates a magical blue.

 Since then, it has been named Lake Suoi Lam. Around the lake, there are many kinds of flowers blooming all year round, which further compliment the wild beauty of this lake. It can be said that Suoi Lam Lake is one of Binh Phuoc tourist attractions which is attractive and attracts many tourists.

Around the Suoi Lam Lake there are rows of soaring green areca

Ba Ra Mountain – Mo Waterfall

Mount Ba Ra – Thac Mo is located in two wards Son Giang and Thac Mo of Binh Phuoc province about 180km from Ho Chi Minh City. This is called the highest mountain in Binh Phuoc province and the third highest in the South and this is the destination of many travelers and trekking. Standing above the mountain, visitors can see the neighboring districts and Thac Mo hydropower lake, extremely beautiful at night. 

Thac Mo Lake in the middle of the lake also has many small islands, surrounded by green trees, green trees in four seasons, the surrounding scenery is still quite wild. Thac Mo Lake is a place that provides water and regulates floods for the whole region, creating an aquaculture environment that serves the lives of the people here. 

Thac Mo lake is combined with Ba Ra mountain to form a cluster of tourist attractions on the mountain and under the lake create a poetic, charming scene.

Standing on Ba Ra mountain looking down at Thac Mo Lake – a tourist destination in Binh Phuoc

Bu Dang rubber forest

When you arrive in Binh Phuoc, wherever you go, you will also see immense rubber forests. However, Bu Dang is still considered as the place where most rubber trees are grown here. Rubber trees here are planted between old forests and young forests, creating a long strip of land like an oil painting with a full range of colors such as red, yellow, light green to dark green. 

A perfectly beautiful picture. In your spare time, you can take a picnic with your friends and relatives here to sit on the thick, dry grass and watch the yellow leaves fall at the end of the year, followed by rustling wind. It was just like a beautiful film capturing those beautiful, vivid pictures.

The road is as beautiful as the West road to the rubber forest in Bu Dang (Photo ST)

Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park is called the largest biosphere reserve in the world and it is also a nature reserve in Vietnam. There is an extremely diverse and rich ecological forest system here, which is also a place to conserve rare flora and fauna. 

The forest rhino is a rare animal of Vietnam and also only lives here. The topography of this garden is a combination of rapids, lagoons, and wetlands creating beautiful scenery. Coming to this national park is home to hundreds of wildlife species, many rare animals on the red list of Vietnam. 

This is also a paradise for birds and has a bear rescue station for tourists to visit. More than that after every shower, The beauty of this forest is more brilliant than ever, as there are many different types of butterflies gathered to create a vivid and romantic old forest like a legendary movie. Here you will admire the colorful beauty of all butterflies, from color to color, including rare phoenix butterflies.

Captivating scenery of Cat Tien National Park (Photo ST)

Waterfall number 4

Different from other mountains, the waterfall is always majestic with water flowing down from the top of the waterfall. But this waterfall 4 is almost just a small rapids of a stream flowing through this town only.

 This waterfall is not high, not beautiful, the water does not flow rapidly, the water is not as red as the color of basalt, but when you come here will never disappoint you because it is a forest, mountains, and rivers outside. 

There is an immense rubber forest that gives the waterfall space a very cool, fresh air, pleasant, and cold feeling. In addition, visitors here can rest at motels, shady inns to listen to enjoy the chirping of birds, rustling wind and enjoy the famous dishes of this place.

A small waterfall in many waterfalls in the tourist complex of Binh Phuoc

Standing Waterfall

Standing waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Binh Phuoc province. The standing waterfall is bestowed by the nature with unique tectonic features full of wild beauty and is known as the most beautiful waterfall in Binh Phuoc province. This waterfall belongs to Minh Hung town and Bu Dang district. Standing waterfall is located in the middle of the immense green color of the forest and upland fields about hundreds of meters, visitors can hear the waterfall flowing. 

Although the waterfall is not very high, there is a fast flow, massively, forcefully crashing down the rocks below, spreading the mist of steam. Under the waterfall, there are many large rocks and the two banks are carpets grass, tree canopy covered the two sides of the road adorn the orchid clusters,

Standing Waterfall is a scenic spot of Binh Phuoc

My Le eco-tourism area

From the past until now, when referring to the beautiful ecotourism area, few people can think that this is a tourist destination of more than 72 hectares with a majestic architectural complex, with mountains and rivers gradually formed. You come here and you will have a feeling like you are lost in a valley completely different from the outside world. 

The green tea beds give tourists a feeling of relaxation that is hard to describe. The paths are a bit steep, winding, bumpy rock streams, giving visitors a sense of adventure. Visitors can walk or sit in the car to tour the whole ecological area. In addition, visitors also relax with fun such as fishing, or break ripe fruit on the tree to enjoy, can camp outdoors, to enjoy the taste here.

A corner of My Le eco-tourism in Binh Phuoc

Elephant Waterfall

Why is there a waterfall name like this? Because according to legend of this place, hundreds of elephants have come here to drink water and play. Because there are too many elephants, contested wars are often fought over the territory. Over the years, many elephant bones were piled up to create small hills. 

This Elephant waterfall is located in Bu Dang district of Binh Phuoc province. The road to the elephant waterfall is quite small, bumpy, winding along the hills and mountainside, requiring the driver to be a firm steering wheel. Around the waterfall, there are many wide and flat rocks. Visitors can feel cool while sitting on rocks. In the dry season, the gentle flow of water will create a feeling of coolness that is indescribable to let go of the mountain dance here.

Picture of Elephant Waterfall in Binh Phuoc province is an attractive tourist destination

Soc Xiem tourist area

This tourist area is one of the ecotourism areas of Binh Phuoc which is attractive and full of excitement. The lyrical Soc Xiem lake is located in the middle of a quiet green valley, and on one side is a residential area. Coming here, visitors will be fishing by the lake or listening to rustling leaves, wind rustling on the water when lying on the leaves. 

Soc Xem Lake is a poetic primordial beauty, surrounded by dense green moss lake, clear water creates a charming landscape, fish species are the seafood source of the people living here. Soc Siam lake is an extremely valuable asset that nature bestows to the people of the Southeast.

The primordial and poetic beauty of Soc Xiem mountain

Above are the famous tourist attractions of Binh Phuoc. Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the places where you can choose the tourist destinations for you. Wish you have a happy trip