One day in Long An, discover Rach Cat station over 100 years old
duonghanhnguyen 20-11-2020, 10:48

Glorious, ancient … is felt by many tourists after visiting Rach Cat station over 100 years old in Long An. Only about 50km from Ho Chi Minh City, but few people know because it is not open to visitors for a long time. Join a tour to discover Long An (1 day) organized by Fiditour Travel Joint Stock Company – Vietluxtour with a destination not to be missed is Rach Cat Fort, many visitors burst into excitement when they realized the corner behind the main station is a poetic scene in the famous movie “The Southern Land”.

Chi crammed warhead marks on 2 steel doors

Rach Cat Fort is located in Long Huu Dong commune, Can Duoc District, Long An province, and is called Rach Coc station here by local people. The fort was built by the French in 1903-1910. After more than 100 years of existence, this fortress is still “inert with the moon”. This is a fortified coastal defense fortress that helps the French to control all waterway traffic to Saigon, to the West and a part of the Vung Tau sea.

One day in Long An, discover Rach Cat station over 100 years old
Rach Cat Fort seen from the outsideMINH TUE
The gate was built extremely solidlyMINH TUE

Walking through the gate of the station, to the left and right were countless warhead marks on the thick steel door.

Bullet marks were scattered on the door of the stationMINH TUE

 Rach Cat Fortress is seen from above with a bow shape, symmetrical, 300m long, 100m wide. Fortress wall bearing, 60-100cm thick, the cellars are always cool, enough to withstand all kinds of bombs.

Fortress wall bearing, 60 – 80cm thickMINH TUE

Architectural art of ancient fortifications of Europe

Rach Cat Fort is 300m long, 100m wide, 5 stories high (3 floors submerged, 2 floors floating, of which 2 floors are submerged, water and mud flood all year round, no one knows what’s inside). Around the station, there are solid fences with a circumference of nearly 12,000 meters and a large moat to prevent breaking from outside. 

At that time, this artillery battle in the Rach Cat fort was said to have the greatest destructive power in Indochina. To achieve this, the French spared no money, spending up to 7 million francs at that time to build, 3.5 times higher than the cost of building the Hanoi Opera House. The strength of the Rach Cat post was the cannons placed at the ends of the bow. 

The French brought 2 guns of the most advanced class to place here. The range of the guns reached nearly 23km, could control a large area from Can Gio estuary to Nha Be, close to Saigon, the Go Cong (Tien Giang), and even a part of Vung Tau.  

Tourists enjoy visiting the artillery dock MINH TUE

Previously, the French also installed 2 Canon guns, 240mm type (used for warships), 4 guns 95mm and 6 anti-aircraft guns 75mm to increase strength for this battle; built 2 more open-cast cannons at the two gables to place two 138 mm cannons. Each 138 mm cannon (manufactured in 1924 and 1927) weighs 5.5 tons. Up to now, these 2 cannons are still there but are no longer in use.

Where to place the 138 mm cannon. Currently, this cannon is still inside Rach Cat fort even though it is no longer in use.MINH TUE
Tourists visit inside Rach Cat stationMINH TUE

Nowadays, when standing from the top of Rach Cat station looking towards the sunrise, visitors will see the Soai Rap estuary flowing into the ocean; Looking to the South, you can see the immense Vam Co river and the North is the Rach Cat river, right at the foot of the station with a vast array of trees.

Rach Cat Fort has been ranked as a national monument, both historical value and artistic value of ancient fortifications of Europe. With its special historical significance, the surrounding mangrove natural landscape, and interesting canal system, Rach Cat station promises to become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists in the coming time.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc An, Deputy General Director of Fiditour – Vietluxtour Travel Joint Stock Company, when planning to explore Rach Cat station, visitors should combine to explore many other attractive destinations of Long An to have a day.

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