‘Uniquely’ in the West: The red cotton fence is bright in all areas
sonnguyen 20-11-2020, 10:01

Netizens could not help but stir in front of a fence made of red blooming flowers at a man’s house in An Minh district, Kien Giang. From a tree that grows a fence, the Westerners have turned it into a beautiful and brilliant fence.

The flowered fence of the rural old man glowed a whole corner of the river PHOTO: THANH NHÃ

The owner of this unique fence is Mr. Truong Van An living in Vam Xang hamlet, Dong Hung B commune, An Minh district. Mr. An said that about 18 years ago he started planting cotton to replace the fence with hibiscus flowers. 

At that time, when planting, it was very difficult because there was no seedling, so he had to ask for branches and pin them to the ground, the rate of loss was high, so it took many years for the amount of cotton to be as much as the present.

The fence is 30m long, 70cm high, 50cm wide and is regularly trimmed by Mr. An so it is very uniform photo: THANH NHÃ

The whole flower page is designed around the yard of the house, with a length of about 30m, a height of about 70cm, and a width of 50cm. On average, Mr. An will let the flower bloom twice a year.“Flowering is very easy to handle flowers, just cut the buds will flower evenly, the flowers will bloom for about 2 months. And in order to have such a beautiful fence, it is necessary to take care of pruning and own secret to always bloom, evenly ”, Mr. An shared.

Mrs. Tran Thi Nam, An’s wife, said that more than a month ago, the blooming flowers attracted much attention, even a delegation from Rach Gia City to visit.PHOTO: THANH NHÃ

In freshwater areas, it is easy for people to grow flowers and ornamental plants for sale. However, with salty alum waters like Dong Hung B, it is difficult to grow flowers and ornamental plants to create a beautiful fence gate. Many people have planted but not everyone is successful.

The crystallization between skillful hands and flowers symbolizing richness and prosperity has created a highlight in the picture of Kien Giang. With each flower bloom, the whole house of An is as bright as one corner of the river, making the people living in the city constantly excited and excited.

At the moment, the flower decoration is over, Mr. An also takes advantage of clearing trees and pruning so that the flowers can bloom in time for the coming Lunar New Year.PHOTO: THANH NHÃ
Red flowers, also known as red peony, symbolize wealth, wealth and bring prosperity to homeowners.PHOTO: THANH NHÃ