2 days exploring Phu Quoc with vlogger Hoang Nam
ChandraGarran04 20-11-2020, 09:31

KIEN GIANG – To the pearl island, Hoang Nam vlogger scuba diving to see the coral on Gam Ghetto, walking through Phu Quoc National Park …

2 days exploring Phu Quoc with vlogger Hoang Nam
Le Hoang Nam, owner of the YouTube Challenge Me channel – Let’s Challenge Me with over 2.5 million followers, just enjoyed a 2 day 1 night trip to Phu Quoc. This is the third time Hoang Nam has come to Phu Quoc. Since his previous trips were many years ago, this time he felt a sharp change in the island. “From the roads, hotels, tourism services are developing in a more professional direction. There are many check-in points that have become symbols, creating a fever for young people everywhere,” vlogger shared with VnExpress . Photo: NVCC
On the first day, Hoang Nam explored 4 islands south of Phu Quoc, including May Rut, Gam Ghì, Mong Tay, Hon Thom. Photo: NVCC
In which, Mong Tay is one of the pristine destinations just 30 minutes away from Sao beach by canoe. Photo: Ngoc Thanh
With 4-island tour, 8x vlogger scuba diving to watch coral, fishing like Phu Quoc fisherman. The water in Gam is clear, so just face down you can see the ocean world alive.
“The most impressive thing is the activity of walking under the sea to see marine ecosystems like coral and colorful fish. These scenes are usually only seen in movies but now we can see firsthand in Vietnam.” Hoang Nam expressed his experience in viewing coral reefs. Photo: NVCC
On the second day, Hoang Nam spent a day trekking through the primeval forest northeast of the pearl island. With an area of ​​more than 31,400 hectares, Phu Quoc National Park converges a variety of ecosystems such as mountains, forests, seas, waterfalls, streams. This is also home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, including many rare orchids, herbs, and 5 species of mammals in the Vietnam Red Book.
“When I first came to Phu Quoc National Park, I was fascinated by the vegetation as well as the stream and mountain system here. I think in the future, picnics here will also be very attractive,” he said. good. Photo: Loc Huynh
During this trip, the vlogger stayed at Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc, located on Ong Lang beach west of the pearl island. This 5-star resort has 329 apartments and 79 villas. Photo: Twitter
Hoang Nam was immediately impressed by the resort’s modern architecture, and the attentive service from the staff. He had a very relaxing moment watching the sunset on the sea. This Vlogger evaluates that the presence of a series of giants in the hotel industry is the point that most surprised him about the change of Phu Quoc, providing a rich selection of accommodation facilities for tourists.
A room at this 5-star resort costs only 2 million VND / night for two adults, including breakfast.
Hoang Nam thinks that the most difference in Phu Quoc is that there are almost everything on an island. You can move easily to explore the islands, mountains, local markets or historical and cultural relics … I think the end of the year is the ideal time to travel to Phu Quoc because the weather is nice. , hotels and services are at reasonable prices, suitable if you go with friends or family. You can combine exploring the sea and islands, find checkin locations, participate in water games or simply relax, enjoy the fresh air and save beautiful pictures here. Photo: NVCC


The Phu Quoc Tourism stimulus program called “Touching pristine” took place in November 2020, organized by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in collaboration with VnExpress Electronic Newspaper. With the participation of famous tourist KOLs, the program aims to promote the most attractive scenery, culture and cuisine of the Ngoc Island.

Closing the program is a vibrant gala night ” Pearl Island Paradise Night “ , promising to bring unforgettable experiences to any visitor. The event was held at InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach, a luxury resort located south of Bai Truong.

The program “Touch pristine” is accompanied by:

BIM Group : A multidisciplinary economic group developing in the field of tourism and resort infrastructure development, on an international level.

InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach : This resort is located on the southern coast of Bai Truong, one of the new symbols of luxury on Ngoc Island.

Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc belongs to MIK Group : The first international 5-star resort at Ong Lang beach, with a scale of more than 700 hotel rooms, serviced apartments and fully equipped villas, meeting all needs of visitors.

Sun World : One of the leading entertainment brands, belonging to the Sun Group, owns 5 resorts and amusement parks across three regions.

Sailing Club Phu Quoc : Coastal entertainment club with infinity pool, food and entertainment on the beautiful beach side of the pearl island

Vinpearl : One of the largest tourism and resort brands in Vietnam with accommodation facilities all over the country.

Bamboo Airways: FLC Group’s Vietnamese airline has operated 40 domestic and international routes, connecting the North-Central-South and the world.