Hundreds of tourists lined up from 5 am to “hunt clouds” in Da Lat
ChandraGarran04 19-11-2020, 00:17

Around 5:30 am, hundreds of tourists dressed in “sealed” in the middle of the cold weather in Dalat stood in long lines waiting to move to the wooden bridge area to “hunt for clouds”.

Located about 25km south of Da Lat city center, the wooden bridge for rattan hunting is an attractive check-in point that many tourists visit when coming to Da Lat. According to some experienced young people, the most appropriate “cloud hunting” time here is from 5:30 – 6:30 am.

Recently, many visitors have come to the wooden bridge early in the morning to experience the feeling of “hunting clouds” as beautiful as the scene.

Photographer Quang Da Lat recently shared photos of hundreds of people standing all over the road, long queues early dreaming of a wooden bridge to hunt for clouds, overwhelmed many people.

This photographer shared, the photos were taken around 5:30 am. The weather in Da Lat at that time was about 17-18 degrees, but a lot of tourists were present from early morning to go “hunting clouds”. Photo: Quang Da Lat
Hundreds of tourists lined up from 5 am to “hunt clouds” in Da Lat
“I am from Dalat, I have come here to hunt clouds a few times, but I have never seen such a crowded scene. It takes about 10 minutes to sit in the car before we can move from the parking lot to the wooden bridge area. However, that day there were no clouds, so we could not hunt anything, ”Mr. Quang said. Photo: Quang Da Lat
According to Mr. Quang, the road from the outside to the wooden bridge is about 2km, the road is quite slippery and muddy. Some use special service vehicles, others walk to the rattan hunting site. Everyone is equipped with coats, hats, scarves to avoid cold. Photo: Quang Da Lat
It is known that the wooden bridge for rattan hunting is located in Cau Dat Farm tourist area in Truong Tho village, Tram Hanh commune. Photo: Mercury
From the city center, visitors move about 25km to Cau Dat tea hill, then go towards the Lavender field to see a welcome sign to the wooden bridge to hunt clouds. Photo: Thanh Tam Tran Thanh
The wooden bridge suspended above, although only occupying a small area in the tea hill, is a check-in place that many tourists love. Because the landscape here is very impressive, especially in the early morning when the clouds are floating around, visitors can enjoy the wonderful natural beauty. Photo: Mercury
The fresh air, the green color of the surrounding tea hills and the covered white clouds, make visitors come here feel like they are lost in the “futuristic” place. Photo: Kim Chon
Some experienced people share that the best time for cloud hunting is from June to August, when the weather is not too cold and clouds are everywhere. Visitors can choose to “hunt clouds” in the early morning or evening. On strong windy days, there are no clouds, so visitors should also pay attention to the weather characteristics of each day. Photo: Dong Truc
Early winter, the weather will be colder now, visitors can still “hunt clouds” and feel the coldness of Da Lat as well as be conquered by the vast, floating space of the long mist. through the hills. Photo: Kim Chon

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