Vietnam International Travel Mart
admin 18-11-2020, 19:38

Vietnam International Travel Mart 2020 takes place at the Hanoi Friendship Palace (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung visits tourism pavilions at the travel mart (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

Vietnam International Travel Mart

Crowds of people line in queue to participate in a game at the event (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

The pavilions are decorated in traditional style (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

The event will feature over 300 stalls run by tourism businesses as well as tourism management and promotion agencies from 47 provinces and cities nationwide (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

Tourism agents from the Republic of Korea, Japan, Thailand, China, Colombia and Peru also partake in the event (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

The pavilion of the Hanoi Promotion Agency (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

Visitors to the travel mart are provided with tour packages and destination information (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

The information is provided to visitors for free (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

Different from other years, this year tourists go in small groups, book the tours by themselves and prefer domestic tourism (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

High quality tours are available with prices down up to 40 percent (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)

There is a space dedicated for technology companies to introduce modern tourism business and management technologies (Photo: Mai Mai/Vietnam+)