Best delicacies to relish in Phu Yen coastal city
daitranvan 6-11-2020, 01:25
Dried beef
Best delicacies to relish in Phu Yen coastal city
Photo: Travel Vietnam

The main ingredient of dried beef is tenderloin, the leanest part of a cow marinated with onion, garlic, pepper, chili, etc and then dried under the sun. This dish is certainly tough and has an irresistible fragrance which certainly conquers your taste buds with just a bite.

Stewed tuna’s eyes
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Traveling to Phu Yen, don’t miss out on the opportunity to relish tuna’s eyes, a delicacy that makes a brand for the coastal city. Tuna’s eyes are stewed with some traditional herbs such as jujube, goji and various vegetables, etc in a small pot. The dish has slight sweetness.

“Banh beo”
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Banh beo is ubiquitous almost everywhere in Phu Yen. Many diners said that banh beo in Phu Yen owns distinguishing flavor compared to one in Hue.

The ingredients that create the “soul” for a bowl of banh beo are “ruốc” (shredded pork), bread and fried onion. The allure of banh beo in Phu Yen also lies in its certain hotness before serving to eaters.

King crab
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It would be an extreme pity if you have been Phu Yen without sampling king crab. King crab here is said to be sweet, nutritious and can be cooked into different dishes but the best one is crab porridge.

Cha ca (Grilled chopped fish)
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There is a wide variety of grilled chopped fish for you to choose from such as grilled chopped tuna or grilled chopped mackerel. Grilled chopped fish is sold at many restaurants or seafood markets in Phu Yen. You can enjoy it right there or buy it as a gift for friends and relatives.

Squid noodles
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There is nothing more perfect than tasting a bowl of squid noodles while admiring the beautiful scenery in the coastal city. The certain toughness of squids combined with the eye-catching hues created by tomatoes, pineapples and spring onion will surely make you try for more.

Goat meat
Photo: Foody

When it comes to “must-try” specialties in Phu Yen, goat meat in Chop Chai mountain in Tuy Hoa city will spring to gourmets’ mind first. Goat meat can be processed into different dishes such as steamed goat meat or grilled goat meat in piper lolot leaves which all spellbind eaters.

Crab in Cau river
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Another specialty in Phu Yen that should not be missed is crab caught in the Cau river. The crab here is not as big as other places but it allures the culinary fanatics thanks to its cheap price and freshness. Boiled, steamed or grilled crab are among the most delicious dishes to savor.